Cutoff problem SEAKING 130


I did not have time to burn my own Seaking ESC yet - that’s is already a good point :wink:

During my tests in the wate (motor + foil + board + human), the ESC cuts the power all the time.
Outside the water it is ok, but inside when I reach 30% of the throttle the motor is stopped .
My batteries are new and fully charged - 12S Kypom 12000mhA 25C

is there somebody who had this problem and who has changed the default parameters of the Seaking with the programming mode or usb interface ?

thanks for your answer…

Hi, which engine do you have?

And what is your prop size and gear reduction?


I use SSS 500kv / 1:5 gearbox and the propeller with 3 blades (the one proposed by pacificMeister)

… I changed nothing of the proposed solution by pacificMeister

Strange. Any idea what amps you pull? Maybe the motor get out of sync at higher load, feels like esc cut power. Had it only with direct drives so far. Is everything dry?

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I have not place to put a system to monitor the amps. everything looks dry. maybe can I change the Timing (did you do it pacificmeister ?) ? The board is maybe not really adapted and the rider to heavy ? :wink:

Maybe the voltage cutoff is too high ?