Dan’s second build

Finally, I can get out of the garage!. Took a little longer than I would of liked due to moving house but she’s all done!. Once FR did his last batch of props that gave me the kick up the arse to get going with my second build.
Big thanks to @Manu & @nice2cu for the files :call_me_hand:.

Here is how I got on:


Great great great work!!!’b

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Finally I can eat my popcorn! :smiley:
Very nicely done!

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A few teething issues though, every time I power it up and pull the trigger it makes a high pitched sound and cogging noise, so I have to connect to Vesc app (not touch any settings) just click ‘write’ in the input settings and it sorts it’s self. It then does this weird cogging noise upto 25-30% throttle then builds speed fine beyond 30%.
Any suggestions from Vesc wizards would be very welcome.

Which VESC do you use?

It’s the A200S V3, it’s as if it has trouble remembering the write settings.
I’m going to wire up a bog standard esk8 remote later and see if that’s the issue.

As when out in the water when the remote signal would drop I would go to start again and all I had was clunking noises for around 30 seconds with no power and then all of a sudden it would start working. Very odd :man_shrugging:t3:

Might be related to Firmware 5.02, some people had troble with 5.02 on vesc75200. I don’t konw if the a200s runs 5.01 or how to downgrade. Haven’t put mine into operation, need to wire the micro clasp connector first. Just connected through usb and bt and noticed that it came with 5.02 FW.

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Great looking build! What are you using for handle and latch inserts? What dimensions are the insert blocks? Many Thanks

Thanks @SaltyPaws :+1:. The insert blocks are made of CF off cuts around 30x40mm and roughly 8-10mm thick. With the following inserts:

Simple to install and work really well, I used the same ones to attach the mast but the M8 version.

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I solved the cogging below 30% issue and saving settings. Euan from Team triforce emailed me the latest firmware for it.

However we now have a new issue, it doesn’t like going past 60% throttle (under load). If you do it just dies until you let go of the trigger and go again. Very annoying!.
I have it set to 150A battery and 180A motor so I’ve no idea what’s causing it :man_shrugging:t3:.

Sorry to hear, I think you are still an early adapter of A200S V3 with a 65161 Motor. I hope you (and or Euan) will find a solution soon. I’m a bit behind with my 2nd build, therefore it will take some time until I can get this combination into the water. Good luck and keep us updated.

Try lowering the observer gain by factor 2

Great build…
Pro work…

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I’m going to fill up a large bin and set up a test rig later on and have a good play about with the settings.

What type of gasket are you using for the hatch seal? Do you have a link?

It’s from Amazon, There are several sizes I’ve got the biggest one D14x12mm.

It works well to be fair, a little to well as it creates suction and you have to give the latches a tug to break the suction.

Qishare Silicone Rubber Weather Strip, Multi-Hole Design Seal Strip for Doors and Windows, Professional Self Adhesive Anti Collision Soundproof Waterproof Dustproof Windproof, 6M (D1412mm6Mx1, Grey) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y16CG29/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_WB22PMZXPVWX5QN21J07?psc=1

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Bit of progress fiddling with settings today.
I took the prop off and run motor detection again and it seemed to help. I could get it up to 100% throttle even though it was showing only 85-90% duty on the data :man_shrugging:t3:.

As you can see from the video it’s still not functioning at its best as when I would pull the trigger sharply it didn’t like it and would cut out. That’s with 150A Bat & 180A motor settings and the data going nowhere near them limits.

Any suggestions are welcome, I tried altering observer gain as @Ackermann suggested but unfortunately that didn’t help.

I do think it’s made it far more rideable as I doubt I would hit those limits out on the water but would still like to know what making it cut out like that.

Hi Dan,

What type of hatch latches are you using? Are you happy with the performance?

The latches are the industry standard Gemlux.

Performance, at the minute no. It’s VESC related which is not my best area, hopefully I’ll be able to tune it or falling that bite the bullet and get the Trampa 75/250 :man_facepalming:

Very nice test. Can you register data with that app? I mean record data in a txt file? Or just show data in real time? Thanks for your answer.