Detachable mast-board, how to

Don’t know if we’re in the right section, I’m curious about which have you adopted to transport the E-foil, basically how to wire board (battery and esc slots integrated) in a manner that allow to detach them mast from the board.
I thought to leave somewhat the wires long enough to be able to store the mast layed on the board… Not very neat. Any idea is welcome!

That’s exactly what I did, my 3 phase wires are just long enough so I can lay the mast flat if I have to. Works well. The neat solution would be to design a mast plug system.

I will also leave enough room to fold over the mast. There is a little channel underneath my board for the cables to go. I could also unplug them from the ESC and feed them through the IP68 connectors. Ill keep some straps and cushions ready to secure the mast in place for storage.