Direct drive motor selection

I’m trying to decide on a cheap build for a light person (I’m 65 kg). I’m also more interested in surfing rather than foiling, so feels like I can skimp on components.

Trying to understand the price disparity here:

Is the $200 difference mostly about waterproofing? Should be able to do direct drive at 190KV, or does it need to be 120 or 100KV?

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Safe your money and buy that one. It’s cheap, has plenty of power and a lot of people using this motor with great success! It’s also the most efficient motor I have seen so far.

Thanks, but why not the 6384? The one you suggest also isn’t waterproof, right? So I’d need to build an enclosure for it? Kinda hoping to just find a suitable PVC pipe… surprised more people aren’t doing this.

The other big question is cooling…

this is why people don’t do it, it is for cooling

any motor can run in water as long as the wire plug or solder are waterproofed, but in order to avoid rust, you just need to apply coating and changed the bearing to stainless steel one or flush everything with corrosionX and dry the motor

Not a good experience with Alien Motor, poor workmanship and little power than similar-sized motors.
the 6384 from other suppliers, on the other hand, runs extremely well, is inexpensive and one motor has more than 50 hours on the clock, the second round 20 hours. But only use the 120Kv version and large propellers, which increases the efficiency. Currently only drive 6s 24Ah, 40min round at 28km / h
greetings Frank

Thanks! Surprising you are able to get to that speed at those specs. Did you use a coupler to a threaded shaft to attach the prop? How do you handle cooling?

Do you have a link to the build?

Would you have links to these “other suppliers” ? On what foil and wing surface are you foiling ?

6s :innocent: very safe voltage These are very good data, do you use vesc ? If yes can you make metr logs ?
Thanks a lot

Taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a model file for the flipsky 65161 motors?
Can probably model it myself, but I don’t have one to check all the dimensions and internal structure.
Unless someone wouldn’t mind taking a few photos and measuring the internal dimensions? Then I can model it exactly and share it on the forum for everyone.

I’m sure its been modeled dozens of times, and I did it as well. Here’s mine

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