Direct drive motors?

Another day, another issue trying to get my efoil working. This time it appears the motor came loose from the gearbox (Parker version). The coupler must not have been clamped down good enough even though we tried turning that screw as hard as we could! Between the motor and gearbox, seals and o-rings to keep it all watertight, I’m ready to move on to motor units that are already waterproof, no gearbox, and ready to go. What motors are people currently using?

:slight_smile: you will have no problem with gearbox :slight_smile:

Is that a new propeller ? Look like lower pitch …

Not much choice right now , with what you asked:

Well I’m not going to spend $1,800 US for a motor. I can definitely get a custom made motor for much less.

a motor with the right kv and efficency… + propeller + waterproof housing including mast mount and propeller safety, all custom made cnc aluminum high quality that will work behond expectation for much less ? :thinking:

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That’s $1800 US without the mast. :joy:I’m 100% sure a motor can be custom-made, waterproof for MUCH less than that!

OK but what to order ? Let’s say you have up to 800USD to spend in a motor.
If there was a group order for a customised inrunner BL motor to be used direct drive, what would be the max torque available on the market with a 60-65mm diam motor under 48V at 4000rpm ? Then we could adapt the prop (diameter and pitch).
Said differently, what do LIFT (48V Lythos Energy battery = highest possible voltage for regulations) and Flying Rodeo (unknown battery voltage) motors have we can’t find on the shelf today ?

That’s the thing, it isn’t on a shelf. A motor manufacturer would have to custom spin one to the KV of our choosing. Just need to find the right company to do it.

Lift uses 14S. FR has a lift efoil so he would have measured the motor. Maybe he is using the same supplier for his motor.
All we need is an accurate measurement on the Lift motor and to measure the prop RPM and you will be able to design something similar.

Lift and FR motors are most likely built directly into the housing.

I tried to give some specifications to a manufacter:

To be added : long shaft and thrust bearing on the back …

What coupler do you use? I have researched the topic of couplers a bit, see this short thread here: Shaft couper solutions/recommendations - Propulsion System (Motor, Gears) - .
As a quick fix if you just need to try your board now I have two suggestions.
The frist fix is to get the tolerances of shaft and coupler really close. I machiened a new shaft for my outrunner where I had the most problems. But as a quick fix (or permanent temporary solution) I have used some shim stock, i.e. a metal sheet/foil wraped around the shaft in a single layer to get the shaft and coupler to fit really tight. I mean just shy of having to press it in tight.
A second makeshift soultion is to drill shaft and coupler and press a pin in the hole (or screw in a screw and file of the end to keep the balance as good as possible). This has the obvious disadvantage that you have to drill the shaft and that it makes disassembly much harder.
I hope this gets you going again.

That’s the plan is the put a pin in the shaft. I like the idea of something physical that works vs a screw that may or may not work.

Have you talked to Alien? Have them do something like a 100kv 65200 and try it out.

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Yes, we need a contact there! They would be the perfect candidates!!!

Hi Alexandre

I am interested in purchasing 1 motor, I sent an inquiry.

What does the motor kit include? Wiring?