DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany

i believe the capacitors are there to smooth any voltage droop and cover for fast current draw. So i dont think it is the issue. But i had to a lot of heat to remove them. So maybe damaged something…

Even flat water and waves with wind does make huge difference. Board volume and foil is although a big issue. For example with my 6384 and 75100 in flat water everything is fine, bigger waves with wind new game! Logging 120A peak with 12s2p Molicel in waves, here you need it more the 15 seconds to catch a Baltic Sea wave! But even in flat water when you use a board about 40l and a Foil with 1600 a peak of 100A or more is needed. Once on foil it goes down to 20-25A average.

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Hey Markus,
Can you add please step like this one just without the cabel guide feature.
Motor-Pod-Unisex V3.step
Thanks, have a good day!
BTW I figured out how this clamps well to the mast - it is because of the mast carvature. That was my concern. Otherwise it is perfect.

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Done for you :call_me_hand:


Since the Flydragon on my 2nd build broke,
I’m also switching to a Kontronik on the Assist.

I’ve opted for a Kontronik Jive HV120+.
With good passive cooling, the controller can handle a continuous current of up to 180A and a peak of 340A.
Kontronik no longer makes the controller. I bought one second-hand.
New at the time it was €450.

The controller is very small and the heat sink is easy to remove. I glued the controller to my heat sink with heat adhesive.
In the box, the controller would even fit on the front wall with a 12S2P setup.
I don’t have a mm of space😜.
Here are the technical data for the controller.
The functions are the same as my new Kosmik 200A.

I’ll install the Jive tomorrow.

Pictures will follow as usual.

Dimensions without capacitor and heatsink 62x33x21


It’s a beast, I’ve also got a Helijive 120 on my assist, it runs so cooler, it’s waterproof and tiny. Love that thing !!! The only con on mine is the very slow ramping up because it’s only for helicopters. You’re Jive pro is more versatile with it’s specs, I’m jealous.

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@hangloose thank you for this amazing build guide.
I’m currently working on a pod mount remix of yours, to fit a Gong Allvator v2 Mast.
(happy to share after I test-fitted it)

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Kontronik JIVE Pro 120+HV installed and ready :star_struck:


Always wonder what justifies 800€ for such an ESC. The main components are the MCU 6 x Gatedriver and MOSFETs.U