DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany

Hello everyone.
My name is Markus and I am 43 years old.
I live in the south of Germany, BlackForrest.
I’ve been kitesurfing since 2004.
This year I’m also traveling with a kite foil board.

First of all, many thanks to the great contributions here in the forum. :sunglasses:

But now to my first build.
Everything should go to my Slingshot Alien Air Kitefoilboard.

For the Hyperglide I have three Frontwings.
Apollo, SpaceSkate and Quantum 100.


My parts list:

6384 120KV BDUAV

Flycolor Flydragon 150A

Propellerking FOLD

Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200mAh - 45A

8S3P Config

Maytech MTSKR1905WF

@tosh.jah Danke für die Stückliste

3 stainless Bearings and stainless, hardened Shaft

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Since my second hobby is designing and 3D printing, it’s easy for me with the parts.


I potted my stator and rotor with thermal epoxy.

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I removed any excess epoxy with the lathe.


I printed the first version of my motorpod (slim line) out of PLA.


Looks great! Which epoxy did you use? Are those 3D printed sleeves?


Thank you. Yes this are printed sleeves.

Epoxy is from: MG Chemicals


I printed the second version of my Motorpod from XPETG.


In the next few weeks we will continue with the battery and electronics. Pictures will follow.

When my project is finished I will publish my CAD data on printables.


Your Stator might die due to overheating. Potting it completely is not good concerning heat dissipation.
Just some brushing the EP over the metal parts to prevent them from corrosion is enough for the outrunner motors


Foil.Drive or the Saite motors are also completely filled with thermal epoxy and have no problems! We will see.

Just a note: Justin at endless sphere did some tests with thermal epoxy potting, there was actually a small benefit when the best thermal stuff was used.

Anyway, you’re right, we don’t really need it since the cooling is excellent on set outrunners also without it and worse when potted with normal compounds.

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Looks great, can not wait for you to share the files! :smiley:

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What files are you needed?

Hi Markus,

First of all, I am glad you put all detailed here including many pictures.

As your hobby 3d printing, I will ask you some questions :wink::

  1. Is it practical to 3d print the box - the enclosure for all the electronics? I saw methods for waterproofing 3d printed stuff…
  2. The motor pod - do you intend to waterproof it? Like maybe it will collect water and becomes havier… BTW have you seen a like tesla door hand motor pod? - connect without tools…
  3. Why didn’t you 3d print the propeller?

Thank you.

Regarding 1:
Yes, it would be possible to print the box. But it’s far too complicated and doesn’t have enough stability. And my printer would also be too small in terms of print space.

Regarding 2:
Since I printed the pod with 7 wall lines (0.4mm x 7), no water penetrates through the PETG. I think a coating is not necessary.

Regarding 3:
I have concerns about the stability and longevity of a printed propeller. In addition, the Fold Prop from Propellerking is of excellent quality.
I would buy the Fold Prop again at any time.

Thx to @superlefax


7 wall lines - thick indeed
I read this:

They suggest to:

  1. PETG
  2. more walls
  3. overextrude
  4. higher temperature
  5. wider nozzle
  6. lower layer height

How much infill did you do?
You think PETG is strong enough? There is no need for something like PC-CF ?

I am interested to hear what concerns do you have regarding stability and longevity of the 3d printed propeller

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The stability of my pod should be sufficient with an infill of 40%.
But I will still print a pod in ASA-CF.
When my system eventually works in the water, I will test a printed prop.
Many users also use printed props.

You have the enclosure for ASA ?

Do you think 8s3p is enough torque? Why did you decide on 8s and not 10s or 12s. The higher, power transfer should be more efficient, no?

I composed here info about 3d printing and materials, I would be glad to receive comments or PR, you can write them in the comments on the page or direct:

this topic will be updated as well: