2. Build from South Germany. Prone Board, SAITE 63100, 12S7P Molicel P42A

Hello everyone.
Since my DIY Assist is finished, I’m now moving on to a pure eFoil.

first build:

DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany

For this I bought a Ride Engine Prone Board.
I will insert the aluminum box into the board.

I ordered the 63100 motors directly from Saite through Chris Kwong. Since it was a collective order, I only keep one engine and the other two engines continue on their journey.

Part List:
Ride Engine Escape Pod 45L
SAITE 63100 Waterproof Motor (Epoxy, Ceramic bearings and short shaft)
Propellerking HyperDrive Prop for 63100
Flycolor Flydragon 150A
Bopla A 135 Alubox
Maytech V2 Remote
12S7P Molicel P42A, 2x 10S3P from my Assist


Curious as to how you plan to set the aluminium box into the board?

Like most people here.
But I will do the cutout from the bottom of the board. Then laminate with vacuum.

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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It would be cool to see a case like that as the structural mast plate of the board. Would mean that the weight would be in the very best place as well.

Cutting a straight line just in front of the tracks will probably lead to failure quickly of the board if the board is being pumped. The HD foam usually extends quite a bit further forward than where you have positioned the case.

Since those cases are cast aluminium they don’t have the same corrosion resistance as milled Aluminum. I had one start going flaky after a few sessions in contact with salt water.

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Project Thomas Pump 2450. :sunglasses:

Since I would like to work more with vacuum laminate in the future, I bought a used pump.
I serviced the pump first. Then a little CAD and a beautiful holder was created.
The pump also has a pressure switch and pressure gauge.

My motor pod for the 63100 is also ready in CAD. Since I go through the mast with the cables, I couldn’t remove the pod from my Assist!


Intermediate vacuum pump project completed.
For my connecting pieces of degassing glass and vacuum foil, I made connections and made the seals.

Next we move on to the motor pod and mast.


Here my simpler solution with the original jam glass lid, it is airtight as well.


Nice parts around that vakuumpump. Do you share the stl for it?

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Sure, of course. I have written you a message.

Completed motor pod for my Saite 63100 :sunglasses:
Printed PETG-CF


Looks as professional as ever…nice work !

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CAD completed for the next parts.
ESC housing, LMT-6 waterproof connector and mast adapter plate.

In the next few days I will print all the parts and make some small optimization!


This is looking more and more like a future go-to open-source eFoil design. Will you use BREmote also? :clap:


Thank you.
At the moment I have a Maytech V2 from my Assist. I will use that first.

But I’ll probably buy a BREmote at some point!

I’d like to ask about weight distribution.

I’d like to move from the topside camdenboss to a lighweight subsurface and combine the nice mast plate (potted esc/rec) style you show here with a more shallow 12s2p or 10s2p battery box inserted into the board from below, to stick with assist powertrain for now. For waves and ~45l board.

My question for you and others is any well known positioning and weight distribution of the battery pack placement. Have FD nailed it or is it just a design compromise? Another new startup assist had the weight more on the tail side.

I’m willing to test a recommendation as modification on one of my custom boards. Run antenna trough the board if needed etc. Options are replace us box, front of mast, behind , or even two - split the battery to each side.

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Since I mainly want to use my setup as an efoil, the weight distribution doesn’t play a role because the engine is constantly generating thrust.

As you can see in the picture, I will install the box there.
With FoilDrive Gen2 this makes perfect sense given the weight in the US box. Since Gen2 is primarily used as an assist with the engine on and off, weight distribution plays a larger role.

When using pure eFoil, I’m happy when I have the additional weight centrally underneath me and I don’t need as much front foot pressure.


ESC case and mast base fit like a glove :sunglasses:

As with my Assist Build, I removed the electrolytic capacitors from the ESC because they bother me. The electrolytic capacitors are connected externally to the ESC. The Mosfets come directly onto the Bopla Alucase with a heat pad.

The motorpod mount also fits and the coil wires just fit through the channel :rofl:

Next Sep: Wire the Mast :call_me_hand:


Gosh dang man! You never disappoint!

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For the mast I decided to use 8awg cable.
The cables were each pulled through the mast with a smaller cable.
WD40 or Vaseline was not necessary.