DIY eFoil Build plans 49,97€

Back in 2020 me and my brother (he an electrical engineer and me an mechanical engineer) decided to design and build our own e-Foil board.
As nice complements and frequent buying requests for our boards kept on coming in we decided to share our files with others.

This manual contains everything to get you trough this build an on to your own build eFoil in notime.

What will you get:

-The build instructions 40+ pages with clear photos and instructions
-STL files
-DXF files
-Ordering list
-List of costs
-Foam cutting plans
-Electric schematic
-Water-cooling schematic
-Building tips
-Photos of our build

-Live updating manual
-Email helpservice

Specs of the board:

Electric specs:
-6Kw 120kv motor (DIRECT DRIVE)
-200A water-cooled Flipsky VESC
-Efficiency: 55Wh @ 20kph. (70kg rider)
-Standard 1.1kWh battery good for 45min (range ~15km) (2.07kWh almost 2 hrs of foiling (range ~30km) is possible with new type battery)

Board specs:
-Triple-layer waterproofing for electronics
-Max rider weight Tested: 115KG (with L Gong Rise)
-Topspeed with Flipsky prop: 35km/h (45km/h with custom prop and Gong allvator M-T)
-Weight including battery: 28kg
-Length of board: 158,8cm
-Width of board: 58cm
-Volume of the board: 120L

The complete cost to build our e-foil is around €2100,- ($ 2.494), and will wil take you around 150 hours to complete.

If you don’t need an complete manual, its also possible to buy separate parts, contact us by mail.

If you have any questions about our manual or parts don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

See part of the build here Any tips on the first build?

The complete video of our eFoil in action:


Crazy, why should someone pay for that when he get the informations from the community without to spend money :partying_face:


Agree that all the information is present on the forum but it sounds as a cheap option to get it compared to the days of reading time… You will start spending money on a build anyhow. If you can buy the parts ‘first time right’ it would had saved me money. :slight_smile:


We are here to share our success and help the sport evolve, not make profit.
You should be ashamed as you have probably taken inspiration from here.


Not entirely true… While many might be here to share success and help evolve the sport, there will be others that are here to read and listen to what the community might want, then sell them a product at a profit. This product in turn makes it easier for those in the community to evolve things further (a great example is the waterproof remote).
I think this community catering to all of those allows much faster advancement and I welcome anyone trying to sell any efoil concept or product (whether it be a how to manual or an actual product). If someone personally thinks its crap or doesn’t like the concept, then simply don’t buy it…


This community wants DIY. So components that work well. We have been complaining about remotes for 2Y, but it has not really led to any new great product.
Perhaps soon time somebody took over from Pacificmeisters ambitions to share what works well 2021, but everything is here for somebodu who spends 3h reading.
Sure 40€ for the info gathered is not that much, but it feels like a stab in the back to offer it in this forum.

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I think, its totally fine - in the end it might bring more people into the community who don’t have the confidence to start but are ok with following a guide. And we all know: no plan survives contact with reality, so a guide is all good, but the parts have to be available etc. and then we have more people who try out new configurations and share their experiences :slight_smile:

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I hoped that with my plans I was improving and the sport. Helping, making it more accessible and saving people money and lots of time. I wish plans, parts lists and all 3D files where available to me a year ago, I would have bought it straight away!

As JvdZ and Jezza are saying indeed everything is available on the forum and is for free but takes lots of time. And still leaves you with 1000 of decisions to take.

Regarding the price this is mostly for the designed parts and made manual. This design is in my opinion unique and I haven’t seen it before.

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Last I checked you as a singular person did not define what this community wants, otherwise it would be your blog and not a community…
There are many posts from users where they want finished products and do not necessarily want hardcore DIY. If someone puts in loads of time summarising a good build they did, there’s no issue whatsoever if they want to charge someone for it. Don’t try police forum posts unless you are an admin…


I built my first sailboat using plans I purchased from Glen-L. What you have done is great to give the weekend warrior a step by step guide to get a working board on the water.

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I think it’s completely okay to charge an amount for the plans, including their own development work, that is very low at € 50. That also has something to do with appreciation for development work.
I am also electronics engineer and developed the electronics for my eFoil from scratch. It’s a lot of work! To share this development for a small amount seems to me a win-win situation for both.

Hi there,
sorry but I just want to ask if possible… If I make it by my self, why the total cost is near $2500 ?
I so on alibaba a good efoil near $3000, so why the cost of DIY will be so high please ?

Can you post a list of what I must buy and what I can do it by my self please ?
Maybe is possible to go under $2500

Thanks a lot

The specs mentioned are in line with the general consensus in the forum for a reliable/proven build with current available hardware (65161). So basically this 49.97 euros save you the effort to go through several threads in the forum and see what has worked/what did not.
If I were to build something, honestly, I’d spend several hours reading anyway. It’s a project that will take lots of money and time, so doing some research before is a good investment IMO.
Having said that, just the electronics+battery are 1k+, add the foil and materials for the board, and that 2k is what you can expect. probably more.

just my 2c. ( I’ve only built kiteboards and wingfoil boards, but i find this topic interesting and i follow this forum, in case i decide to pull the trigger and build one myself)

EDIT: an alibaba efoil @3K will not be a good efoil

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I think anyone starting a build today from scratch would find it very difficult to build a board for around €2,100. Not with the current price of 18650 cells.

For 196 cells 14s14p pack it will set you back €1,350 from with today’s prices, let alone all the other parts required. Yes you could build a smaller pack but that’s still half your budget gone or use lipos :grimacing:.

Last year, yes it may of been possible but not at present.

Hey Denis,

Thanks for asking. Our parts list totals 2100€ including the price for the custom parts bought at us but excluding all bolts and nuts. If you where to 3D print lasercut and saw/CNC all the parts your self you can save about 400€.

But i must say thats gonna be a tight budget, with little room to play.

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Hi Kwinty, and thanks for the answer.
I have a 3d printer, but I don’t think I can save too much.
In conclusion… the efoil that I will make, will be near to the $3000 of the Alibaba boards or will be
near to the professional $5-10.000 efoil ?
I mean how much do you think can cost this efoil on the market when will be finish please ?

Sorry for all questions but I don’t want to buy the manuals and then buy a new efoil on market.
I want to understand if the saving cost is little or much major of new efoil on internet shop.

Thanks a lot again

Without criticism and without the intention of being beaten, I have been reading in the forum for two months, every question that someone asks or when they kindly ask for a CAD of for example a table profile, the answer is read in the forum, and for more What you read what you find are excuses, I have not finished it, I prefer not to leave it, etc … etc … regardless of the fact that there are 100 options to choose from among prototypes, the option of everything gathered and buying the plans and STL all in one set. I think it is the best option, better than getting dizzy or making pieces in 3D that do not correspond later, personally I think the forum is a mess of files. Advice to those who ask if they are going to save something by buying the table. my answer is: YES, you will save dizziness, water entering the drawer, and time


The reason why the forum is a “mess of files” is because this is a DIY forum, not an instructables page. People share ideas and results to discuss, get feedback and improve their next design.

I assume there are little (o no ) fully detailed construction guides because , as a builder, you’d get no feedback that way. I agree that 49,97€ is a fair price for that guide, but IMO it’s incorrect to assume a forum should provide a detailed guide to follow.


You are right. I guess this is frustrating for most of us to just answer a question for which we had to read and look for the answer for a long (really long) time. What I can say is that building an efoil is way more complicated than most of the esk8, so yeah it needs lot of care, lot of read from the potential builder as well.

That said, it’s true that it won’t come easy for the newbies if we just keep going like this. I encourage you to ask your questions (whatever they are -as long as efoil related topic-) on the following thread, I’ll try to answer as many as I can and hopefully other experienced users will follow later as well to help the newbies.

Actually I encourage all the newbies to do so as well, don’t be discouraged, you can build it !

@Kwinty : this is not against you or this thread or whatsoever, just thought I would answer to this and hopefully help the future builders as well.

EDIT : Figured the link above does not work as intented. Just search for the thread “Newbie questions”

Hi, are these files still for sale? Had a look at Etsy but the checkout function seems to be disabled?