Duct for prop 7.5” Flipsky 65161?

does someone have STL file for the duct of this prop can you please share it. Could’n find it anywhere.

Thank you.

Check this out


Thanks but total print dimension is 180cm, propeller diameter is 190cm.

This propeller is too big anyways, most optimized propellers for this motor have 150mm in diameter. Better test it first without duct so you know it works, then you can still build a duct if you really need one. Most people that started with a duct removed it after some time, too much drag.

we already using it for a week it flying good, duct is for someone that whant’s to try for safety reason.

Ah ok, I see. 20 char

You could adapt the @pacificmeister fusion 360 rev3 parametric duct to fit your propeller: Parametric Propeller & Duct Design - Fusion 360 - #21 by Fabien_n

I have another one more precise need to learn fusion 360 now, regarding 65161 120K motor what prop you think fit best ? but problem is because I have splinded shaf I can’t even 3dprint to test different versions.
but I have 2 propellers 7 1/2x7 and 7 1/2x8 with 7 1/2x7 working good with 7 1/2x8 didn’t try but I’m thinking to trim this prop maybe 6 1/2 x8 and see how it goes.

Best prop for 65151 is around 150mm in diameter and 6 or 7” pitch, even a bit higher for the 100kv motor. FR, Flite, manta, 3d printed, all work. So if you trim the one with 8” pitch to 6” diameter it should work but is on the higher end for the pitch. It also depends if you run on 12 or 14S, your weight, wing and board size.

I can confirm that 61/2X8 with 65151 120kv 12S is working good not so brusc starts and consumtion decreased a little. Next will try with Duct and see how it works. orderes also 71/4x6 and will tream it see how it goes. And some pictures:


Good job, will be interesting to see the result with the duct.

I just made a design and uploaded it to thingeverse

duct 65161 flipsky motor efoil for aluminium propellor by champey - Thingiverse

it fits on the standard prop that comes with the flipsky kit


Cool Thanks will try it later, but mine has 8 pitch so I think it will stick out.

Hi! And could you write your data? Your weight, board width, wing area, which esc, which battery? I can barely get out with my assembly with a step of 7".And 8" I don’t even think!

I’m 85kg bord ~30kg, 48v Battery , default propeller that 651661 came with 7 1/2x7".
I also trimmed 7 1/2x8 to ~6 1/2x8 both of them working, top speed same ~26km/h with 6 1/2 consumption seams a little bit less and starts are not so brusc. wing area I would say ~1800 board starts foiling ~15km/h stable ~18km/h, vesc, battery 13s (50A)

Almost everything is like mine! In addition to the wing area and maximum speed. I have two wings 1100 and 1400.the maximum speed is 37 km h!

I’m foiling with 15-18km/h your speed is 37 change the foil and it will lift you easier. You are also using 48v battery what is your consumption on this speed ?

have you found the solution for your conduit, i have the same problem

I trimed the propeller it become more eficient and smaller duct worked .

the conduit i printed and found on the forum does not work with my aluminum propeller, i cannot put the nut on