E-Foil mechanical engineer project. Ideas?

Hi everyone,

I am currently building my efoil as a private project… But since I am in my studies as a mechanical engineer, I was thinking about proposing this project as a yearlong “focus project” in a group of 3-8 students. Now my concern is that an e-foil might be to “easy” for this project.

My goal of this project it to have a very good e-foil at the end of it (cost does not matter too much). This means from cruse control to perfect aerodynamic wings and very efficient propulsion setup, which all will be simulated.

I was also thinking about a beginner mode which would self level the efoil or some easy mechanism to change the wings of the foil to be able to use different driving style. The esc, in my opinion is at the moment one of the weakest part, that’s why an self made esc could also be an option.

Since I have not completed my own build yet, I don’t really know what could be improved, what would be unnecessary…
Do you have any visions of a “next level” efoil.

I think this could be the chance of trying new innovative things, since the manpower and cost (due to sponsoring) is not the limiting factor.

I would love to hear what visions/ideas you have, so that I could present this project to a professor and that it would be approved by the university.

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My 2 cents.
Seems like you are a perfect candidate to build the next level efoil around the new born InRunner 65150 motor with direct drive. That is a legitimate project as it is a first-off : nobody here has built an efoil around this motor.
The skills involved would be: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, composites, CFD, …
3 to 8 well employed students can represent a nice workforce. I think that many people here would assist you especially if you are willing to publish your progress in this forum.
In the Wiki (needs some update) :grinning: you already have the first pages of your project report.

Candidate steps could be:

  • redesigning the mast clamp under Fusion 360 (preferably). As we are not sure whether this motor is totally waterproof, you might have to start with an overkill printed solution (PacificMeister light version) then move to no or low waterproofness… to test the manufacturer optimistic assumptions
  • as a first step, match a suitable Speed Controller (list potential candidates, validate the choice, …) offering state of the art telemetry (ala VESC with NRF Dongle ?), then as a second step design it yoursef … adapt a generic bluetooth dongle to transmit and receive data or orders to/from a smartphone on your wrist like the metr.at bluetooth module.
  • remote control: concentrate in one piece the best features from LIFT, Fliteboard, Takuma, …
  • wing 1: what makes windsurf foil front wings so special (airfoil section, span, chord, …)
  • wing 2: test different front wings from large and thick 2200cm2 to small and thin 700cm2. There is a Fusion360 video to make your own.
  • wing 3: if you have access to a CNC, you can make your own molds… (Solidworks has a feature to design a mold from a STL, I don’t know if Fusion360 has the same module)
  • propulsion 1 : why are Flying Rodeo propellers so efficient ?
  • propulsion 2 : would you design a folding propeller ?
  • propulsion 3 : design a DiY flume (there are a few posts about that) to test different propellers …
  • safety 1: how to be sure that your efoil will stop when you fall off the board ?
  • to be continued …

thank you very much for your answer. One thing I did not mention, this project would start in september, so it should then be running in summer 2020.
The motor seems pretty nice. I don’t know if even an own motor would be possible. At the moment I am into formula student and here we indeed do design our own motor. Acces to 5-axis CNC should be no problem.
For the CAD toll we will use Siemens NX, since this is what I learned at school (I know this is a pain for most builders here, since it’s a very expenisve software). All simulations will probably be done in either NX or Ansys.

FS? Which team? :slight_smile:

AMZ, what about you?

Some things I would love for you to look at:

A folding prop, so when you release the trigger on the remote the prop doesn’t immediately go to zero and cause the board to drag. Open hardware, based on this design (or not):

A wing design that can adjust to encompass both beginner (low speed high stability) and advanced (high speed, low stability :slight_smile: ) modes. I imagine the wing would adjust itself (attack angle?)based on the speed of the vehicle and/or perhaps software settings from the user.

And of course increasing efficiency of underwater components so we can get more ride time.


LIFT have adopted a more KISS design that they intend to sell at a “SSIK” price 1000USD

Source: The Lift eFoil thread - info for the DIYer - #16 by SoEFoil - Products - FOIL.zone

The question is:how much would it be to have it made in the local workshop with a 4-axis CNC ?

cutting those blades out of billet seems like a lot of work. I wonder if we could do Carbon Fiber blades and either aluminum or brass base. Something a little more DIY friendly.

Was in FRT couple of years ago, 1 of Cro teams.

I think you will appreciate these projects then:

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