E-foil PWRFoil the beginning of sales ;)

Today is our anniversary, three years ago at the same Geneva boat show as today I had the idea of putting an engine on our classic foil.
A few months later I met in Paris (boat show also) stephane (which is also on this forum.).
He was flying on an inflatable sup on his knees and with a remote control with a wire.

We have updated our specifications:

  • safety
  • easy ( to assemble and use)
  • for all worlds, so modular.

We have set a circuit breaker (magnet) impossible to start the motor if you are not on the machine.
We put our battery under the board, it is in the water, it is waterproof (no box) and the electronics at the top of the mast with the water from the cooling circuit (closed circuit).
We have 7 boards of different sizes, to start standing or kneeling or lying down, whatever your weight!
6 screws to remove the battery and mast, and 3 cables to connect!

the batteries are made in France, the Maytech remote control but with our own reception card (3 modes of use), BT wifi…

We assemble all our machines in our company in France.

and the price 5500 euros including VAT!


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Bravo! Il me plaît bien votre concept.
Quelles sont les dispos/délais ?
Y a-t-il une protection d’hélice sur la version de série?
Je suis sur les Sables d’Olonne, y a-t-il moyen de voir vos planches dans le secteur?

Bien cordialement,

Hi Chris,

this is a really moderate price! What is the size of the battery and and what is the total weight?


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No guard protection for the Propeller? and why is that sting and dangerous point at the back of the body??? Then people wonder why some things are banned to be used near other people. If this was a personal build it would be a nice build, but not to be a comercial product in my opinion…

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Oui il y a bien une protection d 'hélice vendue avec la machine ( plus la cale pour voler sans , plus vite et plus longtemps, ce qui reste sans problèmes grace au coupe circuit )

Non pour le moment au Sables d’Olonne !
Nous serons a Paris en DĂ©cembre pour le nautic .

Je reste a ta dispo.

Hi, yes we have good price, i hope :wink:

Battery weight is 12kgs , battery are in a box with 3 levels of waterproofing , with an handle, air vent …

total weight is around 27/30 kgs it depends of board and wing :wink:

Of course there is a propeller protection, here you can see the e-foil without , because you can use with or without !
it’s not a problem , because we use a deadman !!
and for the dangerous point :wink: ??? i use my foil like this since a long time and not also me a lot of customer , and no problems , if you are afraid about that , don’t use any foil :slight_smile:

Beau matos ça laisse rêveur vu le bon prix

Merci Manu ! au plaisir de se croiser sur l’eau :wink:


You really sell it to people with no safetyduct around the prop?
I did not expect that this maytech 56162 motor can handle that high pitch prop…so if it works fine thats good work… My bearing seals burned once I let it run more than 15seconds dry…Does your engine has an oil seal now?
By the way… great scenery on the video :wink:

We sell the efoil with propeller protection !
but you can use without.
we don’t used maytech Motor , only remote with our reception card and some other different thinks .



Ultimately the motor is the same as the Maytech. I can see in your teardown drawing on youtube it’s the one with the Reacher variant housing. You may have gone direct to the manufacturer and customised the KV, but I would hazard a guess that its the 100Kv version as that’s what popped up first and you would have needed to do a fair amount of testing on it to move to production. There’s nothing wrong with the motor, it works well on 12S and even better on 14S!
Fliteboard might come beat down your door though as they have patented the ESC attached to the mast commercially.

Hi Chris,

nevertheless I like the idea that you don’t have a waterproof compartment with hatch like all the other efoil guys. Sealing the ESC and the battery is the way to go.

Do you have pictures of your battery? Is it possible to buy those from your supplier?

At this time we are making our motor with our draw and specification, especially for waterproofing and bearing, with our own drawing !
we used a 120Kv version.
watercooling and electronic parts are on the head box, this our own design, you can’t prohibit that especially we made that at the beginning of our prototyping .
You can’t make any patented when something is evident.

we never copy !
If some one patented esc in box , one other on head box and one other just in the water next the motor , you can’t make anything :wink:

Hi Superlefax,

we are making the battery in our company , not really the battery , we receive the battery with BMS , and we are making three level of waterproofing , we put the connectors , aluminium top and air vent in our company !
you can buy battery only at home .