Easy simple cheap austere rugged Russian build


interesting cooling inlet

It is a NACA duct - Wikipedia

I am a rocket engineer, so I decided to make such a design. There’s really no need for this. It just looks cool.

This inlet is in fact is quite cool!

Good afternoon.
Tell me, what did you make the engine mount from?
I see that the material is aluminum, but where did you get the blank from?

Добрый день.
Подскажите, из чего вы сделали крепление самого двигателя?
Я вижу что материал алюминий, но откуда вы взяли заготовку?

I found it on the road while driving, comrade. It’s just an aluminum sheet

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Next steps:

Almost done:

Thank you friend!
I’m just thinking about mounting the engine to the mast.)))

I believe that my method is the simplest, most compact and lightweight, if you don’t have a CNC.

Final preparations before the tests.

First testing.
This is amazing! Very powerful! Easy planing and foiling on “Medium” throttle, but I keep falling.
On “High” it’s too fast, I immediately fall.
Today I rode for two hours (I was actually trying to learn how to ride); The battery was 60% at the beginning and 9% at the end.

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The tests are over. Everything works well the first time, to my surprise. I’m satisfied today.


Some videos:

Tell me, what kind of battery do you have?

Thank you!

Sur-Ron Original Battery 60v 32ah

5400 W

Today I tested the new settings. Are my VESC settings the best for maximum performance? FS 65161, FS 75200, 16S 11P - Build, Repair & Mod - FOIL.zone
It was easy to foil in the “Low” power mode, about 1300W from the maximum 5400W.

My efoil is built on a Fliteboard Pro I start foiling face down on the board then on my knees then standing up. I’m not sure how your going to start with the box on the back of the board. Maybe you can make it work if the board is buoyant enough to stand on it but the Fliteboard pro is so small you can’t stand on it. However it’s fun to have a small board when you progress. Nice job on the nose cone I like the shape very good hydrodynamic shape.

The board has a volume of 130 liters, so I start standing or kneeling.

About the nose cone. I’m surprised you noticed this. The design is called Haack Series. It’s good for some aircrafts and rockets, but I’m not sure it’s the best for efoil.
Haack Series nose generator

I was disappointed with the choice of motor: 65161
The motor is huge, heavy and too powerful. I’ve never used more than 3000 watts, even when I’m not foiling, but planing on a high-drag board at scary speeds.

I’m thinking about 6374