Eduard´s Build from Germany

hello Edouard
can you tell me that you made the “brides” for the hood, thank you in advanceInked32_LI

What’s your top speed with the FR motor set up? Do you have any data?

I bought the parts from FR.

I had according to GPS from my smartphone 32kmh at 3/4 throttle with 12s battery. Unfortunately my smartphone was sunk in the water and can’t be repaired anymore. Otherwise I have no data recording.:joy:

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Interessante Arbeit !!!
Grüsse aus Köln :wink:

Hi! Very nice build👌Cant stop stearin at the pictures😍 Can you tell a bit more about the carbon layers of the different parts? All the same as the lid? Any idea of total m2?

the layers on the board are the same as on the lid. You can find the description in my topic.
The dimensions of the board are 167x69x14 cm. Do you mean the total surface?

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of total m2 of carbon fabric used in the board. Are The carbon stringers bolted to the bottom plate of the battery compartment?

The carbonstringers are only screwed in 6 places. 4 to battery box and 2 to electronics box.

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Smart. Really nice job. Did you use inserts or threaded the carbon?

I glued in threaded bushes.


What a clean build!! very nice :ok_hand:

I’m currently designing a remote which is also based on the Adafruit feather. And wanted to know if you would mind sharing your code.

Grüsse aus der Schweiz

my code is anything but clear. I programmed it quick and dirty. At some point I wanted to improve it, but I couldn’t get around to it because of lack of time. I’m not strong at programming.
The keys are not programmed yet either. I can share the code, no problem. I wonder if that’ll help you. See your PM.

Where did you get the battery heatahrink from. I didn’t find a big enough one.

Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What did you mean?

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The battery heatahrink where did you get it from?

You mean the Spotwelder?

If you mean the spotwelder, I made it myself. :grinning:

Now you’re making sense. I bought the 400 mm wide heat shrink from Aliexpress. But I can’t find the width anymore. The link from back then:

How do you measure the width do you measure the diameter of the battery or only the width of it because I have 14s 8p and I think I dont need 400mm width correct?