Effective 3 blades Propeller?

Hallo guys would you advise me some effective propeller for 3d printing? I would like 3 blades propeller. I don’t want four blades propeller.

I have this report:
Engine SSS 500 kv
Neugart ple 40 1: 5
Seaking 130A
Nobile ointment and fuselage
Wings: rlboards.com 1 for windsurfing
Battery: 12S lipo tattu 22

I use the basic what is in the photo and I would like to try another.

Please link to this propeller.
thank Lukáš

What’s not to like about the Prop or @pacificmeister

but I thought if someone has any better, maybe more effective. I would try another 3 blades. Riwi has some other, but I don’t have a download link

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You need only 2 Blades for ETA.