Efoil blank board

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This is the first time here in the forum. First, thank you so much for your collaborations, CAD files and lots of information.

I am planning to begin with my own build and I have contacted to several alibaba suppliers in order to try to get a blank efoil board.

I have an answer of these guys: Shenzhen Top Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (


Prices are 660 USD for the board (without foil and electronics) plus 260 USD for the shipping,

Do you have some experience with his supplier / kind of suppliers?

Any advice? What do you think about this option?

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Any spec details about weight or volume?

Hi Matt, dimensions according to supplier datasheet are 167,5 x 64 x 11 cm (around 120 litters according to my calculations). Battery box is 43 x 50 x 9 cm

PVC core, two layers of fiberglass, the last one carbon fiber,


It appears they are building boards for NeptunX efoils (I think they have changed their name though now) https://www.instagram.com/efoilfly/?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=124h4nndvxhdh.
Price is not too bad… I can’t comment on quality though.

Can you share their contact? I would like give it a shot

Just had a long chat with them he is not able to provide tue lid picture, he wants full payment initially and 25 days of lead time

Mmm not a good deal with these conditions,

I think I will go with another option, maybe modifying an old sup / windsurf board…

Thanks for sharing,

One of the interesting info is about weight which demonstrates the real quality of waterproof hatch integration.

I just submitted an order with them for one sample board shipped to California, They told me 30 days lead time and promised good quality fingers crossed !!

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After almost 3 months Just received the board!
The board itself is not bad but the lid and the finish is horrible. Hinges are crap and they literally drilled the screws with no boxes all hinges screws are weared out :disappointed:
The lid locks has not been installed and there is no stoppers for the locks in the box!
No rubber or oring on the lid!
Not sure how I am going to fix it thinking of embedding nuts for hinges and lock stoppers in the box but not sure how any suggestions?

Sorry for your loss. Thanks for letting everybody know.

Can you confirm the name of the company so we can all stay away.

Topsurfbpard on alibaba
Wondering howI can cut the board, embed a nut and fiberglass again. Have you guys done such a thing before?

You could use SS nut inserts.
You could drill a hole for the nut insert.
Use an Allen key on a drill to clear some foam under the laminate.
Fill the void with epoxy/microfiber mix
Then drill hole for the nut insert, and install


Something like this?
12 Set Well Nuts with Stainless Steel Screws for Kayak Canoe Boat Marine Hardware Fasteners https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CVF4F4Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_GDT8Db9E81140

Use Chinook inserts. Definitely the best method!

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I guess I am going to follow this video and use one of these inserts to fix it

I would try to avoid having to reglass.

Something like this


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This looks like a great solution. Do you think it will hold that big lid without enforcing it with glassing? Ot what if I drill slightly bigger, place these and fill the gaps around the insert with epoxy ?

I would drill the right size hole for the insert. remove foam from under the laminate through this hole, and then fill with epoxy and microfiber mix.
Once the epoxy is set you redrill the hole for the insert.
They are self tapping so just install into the cured epoxy mix.

This way all you will see is the top of the self tapping insert. Tidy!

Maybe do a test to see what you think. If your not happy with the result you can always take it out glass something in.

Ive done it plenty of times and havnt had a failure yet. Try and get a good square inch of foam out to replace with epoxy.


That makes great sense thank you