eFoil Board - Who wants/needs one?

Hey guys! :wave:t3:Tyler here, one of the co-founders of this website. Like you, I am building my own setup too. I’m pretty much done with everything but building a board. So I’d like to gauge the interest of who else needs/wants one too?

Fill out this short survey so I can see how many of you are interested:

This opens the door for a potential group buy or finding a board manufacturer willing to make the investment in creating boards. I am not going to distribute the contact information. Remember we already have access to your emails and they’ve been kept nice and safe so far! Just want to see if there are others like me. I may disclose the number of interested parties later, that’s all.



We are up to 13 responses so far. This is good as the more who sign-up, the greater chance we have for buying power or negotiation. I will continue to post updates to this thread so feel free to watch this post.

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