Efoil.builders down on 2020/04/26 for 12+ hours

Error 502, bad gateway Nginx.
I first thought it was me or my ISP but downforeveryoneorjustme.com confirmed the server has been unreachable for hours today.
Does anybody know what happened ? @tylerclark @pacificmeister ?

Same thing here. Any ideas?

Sorry guys! We ran out of disc space on our droplet. We resolved it for now and we are looking into other hosting options for the site as it continues to grow.

Btw, all my fusion CAD links are currently broken after moving my Fusion repository to a Fusion Team environment. Forgot about all these references here. Bummer. I’ll fix in the next days.

Happy building and e-foiling. Summer is here and I hope you all find a place to launch safely. LA beaches are all shut down right now, longer drive to go these days.


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If you experience any more site problems, feel free to contact me at [myname]@[myname]clark.com. Obviously change the [myname] part to “tyler”. But we hope to eliminate the issues. Running the website on a shoestring budget!

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