Efoil.builders featured in Sweden’s biggest boat magazine


My build and a reference to efoil.bulders are featured in the latest number of Sweden’s biggest boat a magazine, BåtNytt.

Hopefully we will see more Swedish builds coming in.

Great work everyone.


That’s a great looking feature Riwi, well done !:grinning:

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Nice! And all this started in Sweden over 10 years ago with project Evolo at KTH, see here: The history of weight shift controlled electric hydrofoils - Regulations and Patents - FOIL.zone.


I know! I live not far away from KTH, strange that no one picked up on the idea and made it happened here. It might be that Candela speedboats is a spin-off of the idea.

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Awesome Riwi :slight_smile: Been a pleasure seen your progression.

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