Efoils with hydraulic or pneumatic power

Referring to @MaxMaker post, I create a new thread in order not do jam the “No drilled masts” onee

Since we’re in water, and the vessel light (70 to 120 kg all included) I think that compressed air would do the job nicely. 30x20x10cm sized suitcase oil free 180L per minute 1100W cost 40€ from Action, 60€ from LIDL. Then, I think the rotative core from pneumatic wrenches like the LIDL one requires bigger compressors because they have to deliver a 11 to 15 mN torque for each bolt of a car wheel … would be interesting to have an insight into smaller air engines … One big issue with those small oil-free air compressors is their pour duty cycle eg 10 minutes on for 10 minutes off.
Maybe the small 3-4 bar compressors for car tyres could do the job if the duty cycle was OK.

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Check out the AE3, it fits the Nm and rpm, the down side is the operating pressure! Maybe with a diving tank instead of a battery? It would give only one minute of running time

Hi Clarin,

I saw but I don t undesrtand how it is work…
Can you tell me just a little bit more?

What for wood anyone need “50 rotational direction changes per second”?

From work 15000rpm 50l/min , powerfull for it size , torque ?

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3 times bigger it might work , but there is no torque at low rpm , it will need a réduction 1:5 , 3-4bar and 200l/min