Electronic Circuit Diagram for Pacificmeister Build - SSS 500kv Neug 5:1 Ass rev3

Anybody with standard circuit diagram/schematic for SSS 500kv Neug 5:1 Ass rev3 build by pacificmeister. i know there is one electrical wiring diagram but i really would like to see a schematic with standard/conventional symbols to better understand and build the circuit myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really find the current electrical wiring diagram confusing (color codes, current flow, battery symbols, grounding, etc would be much appreciated)

I am surprised you don’t like this electrical diagram version :thinking: I have seen a more standardized version and the pastel colours + the number of unwanted details make it more difficult to read and understand. Just my 2 cents.

The first and up to date original post mentioned by PM , with all essential references (and however difficult to access backward from post 535 to date) is this one:

No this particular version doesnt works for me :frowning: I am more use to reading such diagrams…

Any one which such schematics?


What you are asking for it the components used to build the esc, ubecs and so on. Since we didn’t build these components we don’t have the schematics for that.

But google is your friend and will help you. Please post your findings here when done.