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These look really nice - with the flipsky motors in free-spin mode how much drag would a spinning 3-blade prop being pulled through the water compared to the folding?

Thanks man. I can’t give you specific numbers, but the length of the glide phase is significantly longer even in flat water.

With the folding propeller and additional pumping, you can extend that gliding phase even more.

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Hi folks,

like promised ECODRIVE is now available!

  • for maximum running time and very good top speed
  • 30 km/h at 40A (battery current) @12S !!!
  • about 20% more efficient compared to the 3-bladed HYPERDRIVE @ 30km/h

Metr example for ECODRIVE:



Last week I checked out your webshop looking for a better prop for my recently finished Efoil… I was looking at the specs of the Hyperdrive and the Ecodrive.
The Hyperdrive has more speed… More thrust… The Ecodrive has a better efficiency.

But now I see your Metr test results…
Hyperdrive top speed 37 kph, consum 61.6 Wh/km.
Ecodrive top speed 39kph, consum 69,5 Wh/km

According to this, the Ecodrive has a higher speed… And the Hyperdrive has a better efficiency… So the other way around as mentioned on the site.
The Hyperdrive has a Metr example of 16.1km… The Ecodrive only 0.2 km? I don’t think you can trust results in such a short ride?

Last week I already orderded the Hyperdrive… But now I dont know if i made the right choise :blush: Do you have other Metr examples where you foiled for a longer distance with the Ecodrive?


Numbers numbers … there will be different from each set up ( wings weight …) and weather condition but at some point I guess it would be better to have all the prop and accord them to the feeling of the day …


Hi @GJW:

First of all: you did order the right propeller :grinning: If you look to the Metr stat for the Hyperdrive at page 2 in this thread it was recorded with the 100KV Flipsky Motor. The session of the EcoDrive was longer than 0.2km :wink: This was just a zoomed in graph were I got a flat curve for judging the speed. Its quite tough to get real values out of those Metr graphs :wink:

So, these are the statistics I recorded a week ago with the 120KV motor and Hyperdrive propeller:

TopSpeed is 41 km/h @12S !!

Btw: Don’t get fooled by the average value of the consumption from Metr (like 61,6 Wh/km). This value is dependent on how much water starts you have (makes Wh/km ratio higher) and the average speed.

Interesting, looks just like FliteBoards🤔. I guess that make sense since they win awards every year for their engineering and designs.

I think it’s time to have some bigger batches… The next one is already sold out.

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Do you ship to USA? i’m in the US and your site isn’t loading.

Yes I’m selling world wide. The site was just updating. Should be working now?

yup, it’s up! ordered a fold


Would be easier with a remote offering cruise control based on rpm, not GPS speed. At a given stepped rpm, what is my stabilised speed (could take a fraction to a few seconds depending on rider’s weight) and my average Wh/km consumption for 5 seconds (say) at this precise (rpm-speed) coordinate ? This 5sec average Wh/km draw at constant rpm and speed would not include water take-offs.
@Felixfoiler (or any remote designer), do you think this rpm cruise control feature with programable speed increments could be (easily) implemented in your remote ? In a second revision, recording [rpm; stabilised speed, Wh/km] data on a SD card to compare different props or foil plane curves.

Yes, this is already In work. Wattage limitation, gps speed limitation, ampere limitation and rpm limitation. However rpm will only work with vesc, as I won’t be able to measure it with the Standard esc Version.

Logging/recording on an sd is already working. And visualiszing it on the app as well. We are working hard on perfecting this Feature.

Best regards
Team FeRo


So I managed to test the “Fold” (folding prop) over the weekend have to say am a bit disappointed by its performance for its price. Maybe its just me so if anyone else has tried one id like to know your thoughts on it.

The prop came really well packaged and looks of decent quality. I got an email saying i had to pay more for shipping after i had paid for the prop, slightly annoying but understandable in these times with the ol corona i guess.

my findings of the prop is:

  • can feel the vibrations through the board something crazy
  • loads of cavitation / noise.
  • cant use more than 1/4 throttle - anything above that the vibration/noise are so bad you have to stop.
  • loss of thrust above 1/4 throttle

Any thoughts on what’s going on or how to fix it?
I checked it was all bolted on correctly and the prop blades move as intended.

For reference im using - 100/250Vesc,16S14P-30Q, 65161-120kv, Cloud9 X32 foil

Hey Dale If it is that bad it is probably balancing. I have a big static balacing rig for RC helicopter prop ship it to me in Tauranga I will check it if you want. Wouldn’t use it in the main time, it can damage your motor


Hi Dale,

thanks for your feedback.The vibrations are definitely not normal. Possibly the propeller has taken a hit during transport, although I really tried to pack it properly. After all, it once went to the other side of the earth :wink:

I’ll send you an email right away. @Manufoil is totally right, dont use it in the meantime.

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Cheers! i haven’t checked the balance, i have a rc prop balancer but may be a bit small for the folding prop. it looks to be in prefect condition no dents dings or anything. Maybe if the bolts holding the blades to the hub aren’t screwed in to the same depth on both sides could be causing it? Yep I did stop after a 2 min run as it didn’t feel correct - killed a few gearboxes and motors back in 2017 with unbalanced 3D printed prop abominations lol

How does the prop behave in air? Also with lots of vibration? Your setup has lots of rpm (16S and 120kv), unbalanced behavior could be easily test in air

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It spins up with no problem in the air and appears to have no balance issues when I first put the prop on out of the water. I will get a video of it when I’m back home

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This is common if one of the blades is remaining folded and the other is popped out into the correct position. Try to film it underwater to ensure both blades are fully out when running.

It will give you more thrust than you would think but will vibrate like crazy over 1/4 throttle. A screw being slightly off will not cause this amount of vibration.

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