Firduo shop and 65162 motor

Hello I am 90% sure that I will buy 65162 motor from Firduo…Does anyone have any expirience with this shop, is it safe to pay with debit card not paypal?
Whats the motor like?

Thank you for all your help and best regards

Bought a 75200 VESC from them. Got it after 3 weeks, everything was as expected. Shipping seems to be more expensive now, but maybe it is because of the weight of the motor.
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The seller is taking about tax rate and taxes. Do you know do the prices include VAT?
How much is tax rate to Eu?


I dont‘t know, at the time I didn‘t have to pay tax but it was not sent express but with the normal post. Also depends what value they declare.

Hi just got myself this kit from them 3 weeks ago.

with 100kv motor.
Initially ordered the 120kv and it happened to be out of order. they contacted me the next day to suggest a swap with 100kv that was readily available. delivery took about 10days to Sweden and I had to pay extra 2500 Kr in import taxes. so far pleased with my purchase. seller was good with plenty of delivery notices and made sure I didn’t miss ups delivery date. good buying experience. hopefully I will not have to say anything about their customer service.

propeller is crap though. way to big I had to cut it down for less drag. I knew it when I bought the kit but wanted to foil directly after purchase and didn’t want to wait for the time it takes to print a tune a foldable one. If you have access to a better prop just buy without.


Thank you for explaining everything, can you tell me how does paying tax looks like? 4 days ago I ordered 100kV version. I hope its similar to flipskys (since it comes from the same manufactor). I know some people from jet surf company, so they know all about props. They will make one for me from carbon casting. I will share results.

Thank you Br

In my case end carrier was UPS. End carrier is taking care of clearing customs in destination country and will send you the bill that you have to settle so they can schedule delivery. Customs clearance can take a few days depending on how busy customs are and usually 72 hours is a good average if all documents are in order which thry were in my case coming from firduo (speaking from experience with other types of import it can also take much much longer depending on how reliable is the forwarding company and how serious is the seller with the paperwork). as said previously for Sweden import cost (import tax +vat) equivalent of 250 euros. so this varies from country to country. in my case having 25% VAT i suppose import tax costs next to nothing.

I’d be interested in your setup in VESC once you’ve received and tested it if you intend to tweak some features.

Any experience on their 65162 motor?

Currently they have 20% off. Motor cost only 287$.
For me additional 65$ for shipping and then also tax and duties.
Altogether this is getting near Flipsky price, so I am in a bit of dilemma :slight_smile:

Its made in the same factory as the Flipsky.

I have used one of their motors for two years now without issues. The endplate at least on my motor is not the same as on the flipsky, i like the hole placement better on flipsky in order to fit propeller shroud and covers on the end of the motor but that is a minor detail, not a deciding factor.