First build: Please help with new project :)

Hi ! :slight_smile:

Iam goin to build efoil, currently in study/projecting phase. I will appreciate all advices and critics from anybody. I will try to be brief :slight_smile:

My experience:
water, efoil, surf - no experience yet, iam sorry, dunno any related terminology
i built lots of electric motorcycles, rc planes, drones etc. I can weld battery packs, laminate, 3D print, CNC machining…
I ride snowboard and longboard since child

I have from friend inflatable board and “leg” you can see on pictures. He will also deliver to me compatible “airplane” with 1600 wing and “attachment connector” for leg.

for 75-110kg riders, sweet and salty water

Pans are very rough and probably very naive now:

  • order: motor + esc + rx + tx
  • carve a core of “hearth” from some kind of xps/foam, laminate
  • make the attachment platform for dock for leg
  • 3D print mount for motor on leg
  • weld battery pack
  • seal with silicone
  • connect and ride :smiley:

Build strategy:
Go with easy, verified process, not much experimenting, using proofed materials and workflow. I know that it also probably means more money.

General advices for proces? Which is the best way to make the container?
Which esc+motor+control i should order?
Which power and KV?
What tabout for example 4-6Kw, 120KV, 12S
Is 3D printed motor mount possible?
WHere to buy? Iam located in Europe/Czech Republic/Prague. Iam open to buy second hand equipment which i will need from you, if its ina good shape.

Thank you very much! I would like to push this build fast, so it will be ready for this season already :slight_smile:


looks like you have access to the necessary tools. just so you know this project will require building a DIY battery, fiber glassing or carbin fiber work, you will have to shape a board out of foam and glassing it, unless you want to buy a 2,000$ dollor board and cut into it, and lots and lots of electrictronics and problem solving. im not saying you should not build a E-foil its just it takes a lot of time and i would have a full part list or a really good idea or a CAD drawing of what your going to build before you build it. if you don’t, most likely you will end up with a pile of parts and you will have lost a lot of money. so what im saying is just do a lot more reading and research. especially on batteries, E-foils take a lot of power, witch means a big battery and with big batteries come a lot of danger like burning your house down, so you need to build your battery right and have no short circuits.

i hope this is helpful and if you have any more questions let me know.

Heyho. First of all your building strategy sounds good for me, i had the same (no) experiences in surf/foil/watersport and my first build in 2019 worked great from the beginning.

I would recommend a Flipsky 65161 120kV with a 75/200 vesc, a 12s-16s battery and the 80$ Maytec remote, you can’t really go wrong with that setup.
@superlefax an i just finished and tested our Surf’n’Destroy “shortcut” to an efoil which works pretty great. I would say the components we used are maybe the best match if you compare price and performance. You’ll find an accurate BOM in this thread.
Good Luck

Hi, thank you for advices :slight_smile:

Yea, Iam sure I have to do lots of research, more efoil specific. Fortunately iam experienced in building batteries, but you are right, they can be dangerous.(especially in water :D)
I will have more questions for sure. Thank you:)

Great build, funny and useful idea! :slight_smile: thank you I will get some knowledge from your build for sure.

I will try to keep first post updated.

Hello! Iam goin back to finish this project.

I built the box, bought Flipsky 65161 100kv motor and Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ESC based on VESC6 almost two years ago.

Next i have to build the battery. Can you give me please recommendations for battery voltage and BMS?

Iam also bit worried about the esc cooling. This ESC shloud be water cooled, but i decided to go without, if its possible. I saw lots of people is cooling just with metal plate. Maybe its not needed if i will go only half power? Around 100amps?

Thank you for all advices!

Check the pictures:


Hello MaFire,

I like the look of your box.

How did you go about making it?

  • Did you use Fiberglass or another material?
  • How did you go about making the curved middle section?
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The plates are from fiberglass, cnc cutted.
The middle part is printed on a 3D printer. Aluminum rods are inserted into the print, glued with epoxy and screwed all together. Then laminated with glass fabric and epoxy.

Aluminium rods also holds the base for mount.

I will find pictures with time and post them here, if you are interested.

Any advices for voltage and cooling?

Thank you

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I see you have RL boards hydrofoil. Would you be ready to share step file of mast clamp with forum?
Thank you and good luck with your build

Hi sure no problem.

Threaded rods are screwed through the fibreglass spacer, which also holds the cone.


thanks for the files, is there any way to get stepfile so I can add my wateroutlet?

Thanks and good luck with your project

Most people around here use 12-14s batteries, that sets your voltage. Just make sure your components & charger are appropriately rated.

As for cooling, I put my esc in a metal box and it stays around 50-60C when foiling. Some people add small water pumps or use the water pressure from foiling to push water up and through / near the esc.