First easy and low cost build in France La Grande Motte

Salut Nicolas !

Bravo pour ce travail ça à l’air de super bien fonctionner.

Je suis en train de regarder ce qui se fait et franchement ton projet semble le plus simple à mettre en place. Pour quelqu’un comme moi qui n’y connait rien, ça le fait !

Tu parlais de mettre à disposition la nomenclature et les liens, je suis effectivement intéressé. Merci à toi et encore bravo !

Very clever to dig holes in the strap ! I never thought about it.
I am looking forward to trying, maybe tommorow.

Guys, with a friend making hiw own unit i discovered something : if you remove the circlip at the end of the motor axis, you can remove the entire magnet bell of an outrunner with only one hand whenever you want. It make cleaning, and spraying with wd40 the inside of the motor incredibly easy each time.!
It is not needed in operation

So Nicolas, you switched to an outruner ? Hiw does it compare to the previous motor ? Is 6s enough ?

If you run the motor without circlip there is a risk to loose the bell inluding prop!

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well the propeller pushes towards the mast, and the force needed to remove the bell is unlikely to be applied by water on the propeller I think. ( maybe if you catch a wire or something while travelling )
so far I had had no troubles, I hope i will not have to comeback to say you were right and I lost everything at sea :wink:

Thank you Alex. I appreciate the response.

One question more question: does one need to use the water cooling? I was thinking of getting this kit. Would it work and what size batteries would I need?


Thanks for any info you can provide.



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Hi Nicolas,

What are you using for the cable housing that goes from the motor to your box? Also what housing are you using?



so yes you need watercooling in my opinion, because i tried without, and it overheats FAST. but it is really easy, one tube from motor pod to the box, alongside the motor wires, and boom voilà it is done.

the kit seems a bit overkill, I don’t know i chose a much simpler path myself, with less expensive motor and ESC.
that remote is not very good. I had one at first and it died quickly. a friend recently got one, and the motor response is to non linear for our taste, same as mine was.
I now use a RC car remote in a dry bag from decathlon(SPARKLE v2.0 GT2B ESK8 ENCLOSURE MOD BY OKP by okplay3r - Thingiverse)

waiting for a maytech remote to arrive.

for inexpensive remote this one seems good :{"sku_id"%3A"12000021258468216"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!EUR!34.12!21.16!!!2.31!!%402100bde716702254301111244e58c2!12000021258468216!sea&curPageLogUid=DWtlrTUTErCw

my motor :slight_smile:{"sku_id"%3A"12000026573704818"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!EUR!69.75!53.7!!!!!%402100bde716702252364538210e58c2!12000026573704818!sea&curPageLogUid=NWOm6w2VEpxZ

my esc controller

(you need to add a BEC :{"sku_id"%3A"12000026693973312"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!EUR!4.82!2.9!2.85!!!!%402100bde316702257235644333e8b3d!12000026693973312!sea&curPageLogUid=CcOxcALRH9oP&ad_pvid=2022120423352312583645376284820004964586_1&ad_pvid=2022120423352312583645376284820004964586_1 )

for batteries I made two 6s packs with repurposed 21700 elements from NKON with my friend’s help. it is not “easy”
apparently big 6S lipos work, but might be more dangerous.

i use this box from amazon, but it is a bit too big

for cable glands

good luck :+1:

keep in mind, it’s far from being the best setup, it just works

I did that for the same reason, now my bell incl prop is on the ground of the lake. belive it or not, you should put the ring in place. the backwards force the prop generate when hitting the water on reentry is big enough to pull the whole thing apart.

Oof. That’s bad.
Okay it seems circlip is going back on the motor.

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Je viens de finir de le compléter, j’ai tout mis dans ce post : Full and simple DIY efoil for 2500 € (detailed BOM)

bonne aventure, c est top comme projet, quelle fierté quand ca marche (forcément quelques échecs dans l’aventure, mais ca a fini par super bien marcher)


Hi Alex2A,

I’m building my second efoil (foil drive assist) with a 63100 custom motor from APS (waterproofed by APS), two tries now with my classig big efoil case with 12s 20 A, working well, not so easy when you put the motor high on the mast.

Which vesc configuration do you use ? (max current for your motor ? it seems to be a 6384 ?)

I’m building a new case for foil drive assist, supposed to be in 6S, but not sure if it will be powerfull enough or not, do you know if 6S can work to fly and the take some waves ?

Salut Nicolas,

Merci pour toutes ces infos. Pour le montage, avais-tu suivi un ou plusieurs tutos en particulier? J’avoue ne rien connaître dans tout ce qui est électronique, ça va être chaud pour moi!

Encore merci en tout cas, @+!

Since the strap seems unavoidable, to decrease the drag significantly, you could hide the strap flush under a strip of strong, highly adhesive tape, half the width of which has been masked so that it does not stick to the strap. The strap stuck only on the board bottom (joint to joint) would remain in place almost permanently, so the folding of the inflatable board must take this into account to preserve it.

Hey Nicolas,

Thanks for all the info so far. So for the water cool tube; if I place the input end near the top of the board (closest to mast plate) will that be sufficient enough to capture water to run through the ESC? Also the wondering if the output tube just flows out the enclosure towards the back of the board? One last question (for now) do I need a water pump for an esc like this or does it create its own vacuum?

Thanks again



For my foil drive assist, I place the tube entry at the bottom of my board, near the foil plate, it’s working, but not perfectly, because you don’t have much speed when the board is in the water, and when foiling the entry is not in the water. Maybe the best solution is to place it 20-30 cm below the plate, so that some water can goes in when foiling at low altitude. (I did it with some scotch around the mast, with a small hole for the tube entry)

Without water cooling, I cannot use foil drive assist to foil more than 5 minutes in a row, temperature increase very fast above 55-60 degrees

For my real efoil, the entry is in front of the clamp, working perfectly, the ESC temperature never increase 25/30 degrees.

j avais pas mal consulté ce forum, mais à la fin pas d autre solution que de mettre les mains dans le cambouis et d’y aller, regarder des videos youtube sur chaque mini sujet et sur les étapes importantes (les plus complexes : souder, configurer VESC, trouer de façon propre la valise et installer les glands pour garder étanchéité, …)

Le mieux c est d avoir quelqu un pas loin qui te montre son efoil DIY et comment il l’a fait, tu habites où ?

Ok ça marche, je vais potasser tout ça !

J’habite sur Tours, ce serait donc plutôt sur une utilisation rivière.

Hello nicolasLGM!
Great start! And you are making progress in flying over water. I’m just getting started with hydrofoil and your first post is a great example of how easy and cheap it can be!

Everything is working fine, tried some waves with windy conditions, very hard to stay up, but on flat water I can really carve and have fun.

If you ran a folding prop you should be able to get away without the circlip.