First easy and low cost build in France La Grande Motte

Hello to all,

First of all, thank you all for your answers and your examples which allowed me to realize my first efoil project in 2 months, without any knowledge in electronics.
For my first project, I tried to make it as simple as possible (almost no welding, no composite, no complex waterproofing, no trap door, no disconnection system in case of fall, …) and as cheap as possible, knowing that I already had the wing board and a foil gong.

I managed to do everything for about 1200 euros (excluding foil and board), and a 20h of work.
My components :
- Flipsky 75200 VESC
- Flipsky 65161 120KV 6000W motor
- Flipsky VX3 remote
- Waterproof case (I tried two aliexpress cases, supposed to be waterproof of course, but in fact not waterproof enough, I had to switch to a B&W outdoor cases to find the perfect waterproof case)
- PG9 connector + waterproof connector
- 8mm bullet connectors
- two lipos 6S 20A in serie (turnigy lipo), I have 40 minutes of flight time
- 200A fuse
- Flite propeller (adapted with a drill for 12mm flipsky 65161 shaft)
- Water cooling without pump, with a 8mm hole in front of the front clamp
- Gong V1 80 cm alu mast (too flexible, but with some epoxy in the plate, it’s ok, I’m sure GONG V2 mast is better)
- GONG curve LT front wing
- GONG kite 45cm FAST stab
- Gong Zuma 6.6 120L
- Crimp connectors to crimp the 6 black cables from the VESC + crimp connector

If anyone is interested, I can make a detailed BOM with the links.
I can also provide the STL for a V1 gong mat with the hole for the water cooling system.

With this setup, I can fly from 800W (for 67KG) at 19km/H, 1200W for 24 km /H, and 34 km/h max at 2200W, and I need 2600-2800W to take off.

My advice:
- Choose a branded waterproof box, and test without the electronics in it for waterproofing at all stages.
- Put the mast at the back of the tracks, because with the power of the motor, you really need to be at the front.
- learn in flat water, don’t underestimate the learning curve, I needed 3 session to fly for more than 100 meters, and maybe 5 session to fly unlimited time and carve as I want (despite being a kite foiler before)

To be improved:
- I will soon replace the curve LT by a veloce L for more efficiency, and especially a smaller board (I receive the gong first inflatable in 5.5 110L this week)
- The strap that goes around the board to hold the box, and that adds an important drag before taking off, if you have ideas to easily attach the box without strap around the board ?
- A duct in the back to test friends or my wife

Don’t hesitate if you see other ideas for improvements on the pictures of my setup:

Thanks again to everyone,


You could screw a plate (box footprint or smaller) to the rear footstrap inserts then fix the electrical box to this plate using the strap (?)

Hello ,
Fast and efficient work.
For the fixing of the waterproof case on the board you can look at a QLS type system normally intended for the arming but which works well for the case: I use this system on a DIY electric Trampa.ème-Verrouillage-Plate-Forme-Femelle/dp/B002868Q46/ref=asc_df_B002868Q46/?tag=googshopfr-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=227978267759&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=409577455952115071&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9110516&hvtargid=pla-460792202524&psc=1

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Very cool.

I want to expand my foil drive diy kit to a full efoil like yours !
On a gong mob2taste board i used a strap from the leash point to a screw on the back foot insert to strap down the box it works quite well !!

Please where can i find your waterproof conectors and your fuse in france ?
Thanks !

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your soution seems very good, I will try

the waterproof connectors : Amazon.frstrong text

the fuse :


I tried my 6384 motor on my Gong hype 5’5 this morning. Not ideal conditions, and I noticed that it is not possible to push down on the nose enough due to the lack of pad after the front footpads. ( And also on my 7’5 sup). I suspect that after adding antislip pading on the nose it will become much easier.

I managed to use a takoon comet SW2 , only 4.10 long, 80 L, and to fly I was also forced to have the front foot in front of the pad, and after the take off, front foot on the pad.
I thought that with a 5.5, and the mast far back, it should work on the pad
I will try with gong first 5.5 this week end.

I’m also building a foil drive assist with a 63100 motor, do you have enough power with 6384 motor ?

Hello Nicolas,
Well done for your build. Looks to work like a charm.
I have quite the same setup as you:

The only issue is I can’t reach the Flipsky 75200 VESC using the USB port. When I plug it to my computer I doesn’t recognize it. Have you encountered the same issue ?
Wishing you a great afternoon (I am located in Nantes :slight_smile: )


I didn’t have any issue connecting 75200 VEST via USB to my computer. I’ve read some posts where guys were having the same issue I think, Did you use the usb cable provided with the VESC ? maybe look on the forum the same issue

I advise you to add a 200A fuse between VEST and lipos, to prevent sparks on XT90 connector. (you disarm the switch, then you connect the two lipo in series, and you arm the fuse)

Good luck with your build, have a nice ride in baie de la baule :wink:

PS : I tried with veloce L and gong first 5.5, it was really perfect, with 40 minutes of ride, 13km, 24 km/h of speed on average, the two 20A lipos are perfect

I tried with veloce L and gong first 5.5 (almost the same as gong hype 5.5), it was really perfect, not too much front foot pressure needed to accelerate, with 40 minutes of ride, 13km, 24 km/h of speed on average, the gong first 5.5 is a perfect board for efoiling at very low price (300€…)
Which front wing do you use ? (maybe toom much lift ?) size of your mast ?

Yes, also read some posts of guys having the same troubles…I didn’t check if the cable I used was the one shiped by VESC. I will double check. But it surprises me. I read guys used instead the mobile App paired with the bluetooth module.
Thanks for the advice, I will buy the 200 amp fuse in order to ride safely in Baie de la baule :innocent:
As of today I have a Cabrinha mast that I still need to drill and screw to my board…