Foildrive Assist commercial alternatives around the globe

@nicolasLGM, it seems you have a neighbour in France called Eric (obviously a forum member) who enjoyed your project.

Sold 3800€ including tax, shiping excl. no folding prop though, the free FLIPSKY prop obviously works very well :grin: he has a magnet switch on top of the box.

English version

The video was uploaded on YT in november 2022 so two months after you created your thread.


I saw the project at the same time I was building my efoil, I don’t think I gave them any inspiration, but clearly this forum has.
It’s great that people try to launch products, but this one is really too basic for the price. With 1500 euros and 2 days you can easily do the same.

(I’m sure there is a market for a concurrent of foil drive)

1 Like is releasing the Easy Drive, a commercial alternative to the FoilDrive Assist unit.

Looks familiar but can’t recall the ESC brand with its ON/OF button. Any idea ?

Two possibilities (if 3Ah cells)
EasyDrive : with a 22.2V 6s4p 266Wh battery, delivery Q1/2023, price EU/export: 2500/2100€
EasyDrivePlus : with a 29.6V 8s4p 355Wh battery, delivery Q2/2023, price EU/export: 3000/2521€

Included: remote + induction charger, aluminium folding prop :slightly_smiling_face:, battery charger, …
Maybe @EASYFOIL.EU could chime in to introduce the product:

  • 14Ah or 12Ah as both values are used on the site ?
  • motor type, waterproofed or not, battery: cell type ? with BMS or not ?
  • How does the motor pod accomodate different mast profiles, …

Hello @SoEFoil and thanks for linking us here :slight_smile:

You’re right, we will release the EASY Drive and EASY Drive Plus soon.
At the moment we are testing a lot, together with our first customers and are also waiting for material. :frowning: Thats also the reason why not all information on the homepage are updated. But now there should be no more mistake any more. (hopefully)

I try to answer your questions:
In the picture you see a prototype of last year on an exhibition. The on/off is removed.
We have 6s3p and 8s3p with 12,6 Ah battery packs, 4.2 Ah cells with BMS.
motor is a re-worked, waterproofed, outrunner.
At the moment we are compatible to the Lift, Axis 19mm Alu, RL masts.
A universal clamp is in construction.

We also will add all spare parts, time by time and add more mast profiles.
Also you can buy the motor separately if someone is interested.

Delivery I have to reschedule to Q2/2023.
The first production batch is sold more or less.
New orders will be delivered with the second production slot in Q2.

Do you have any more questions?

Best regards,


Looks great!

I have a few questions (mainly about the Plus):

  • What’s the KV rating of your motor? Does anyone know what the KV rating of the Foil Drive Assist Plus motor is for comparison?
  • Do you already know what the price of the waterproofed motor will be?
  • What are the specs of your aluminum folding props? Are they a different size/pitch compared to the Foil Drive Assist Plus aluminum props?

Bump. Really would like to hear these questions answered as well.


@EASYFOIL.EU, would you have an answer ?

Sorry @t-dub-maui and @Rich7676
Thanks @SoEFoil

KV: 130
Motor only I can sell for 210 € excl. VAT
Propeller is almost the same. Pitch I don’t know right now to be honest. Should be around 6,5" but don’t pin me down to that. Diameter is 153mm

We also decided not to produce the EASY Drive, we will only produce the EASY Drive PLUS system.
First customers already received their systems, production is running.

Hope this will answer your questions.
BR Mario

How much is the motor with the alu prop included?

139 € excl. VAT.
So motor + prop = 349 € excl. VAT