First! LAFC, LAFC, LAFC.. .woot!

Hdip, where you and all the mad posters at? Let’s break this thing in. What all do we want to talk about that we couldn’t track in WhatsApp? Let’s get it going.

If it’s not private to LA, (like a gear discussion or how to, or reviews) please put it out in a public category so folks can see it. But if it’s just for the LA posse, this is the spot.

Things for LA crew: Local only events, private LAFC-only deals and gear sales, meet ups, help or offering help, networking etc.

We’re still figuring out spot info. Maybe we discuss code names for spots on the chat before we post here? Even though this is members only, no sense risking blowing up a spot should this board ever open up.

Hell, respond here about any of this stuff too. It’s our board. Let’s do this!

Do you guys think we should create local forum groups and manually add members for semi-private regional discussions, e.g. LAFC? Or will that be too much admin overhead?

For my part, we can manage LAFC privately most likely, using the WhatsApp guys.

I feel like we should maybe set up local regions ourselves, publicly (FL, SD, HoodRiver, TX, HI, France, etc) and let the users join and see how they go in the open. If they flourish, we could let the members know that they could mod their area, split into smaller groups (I can see FL splitting North/South for example) and maybe establish private if there’s a need or desire.

I consider LAFC’s privacy as more driven by the region and the density of foilers. TX for example will probably be thrilled to just find other foilers as will most other places, HI being a possible exception.

What do you guys think?

To much admin to quickly. If there becomes a desire for it later do it then. I post on Australia forums though so I don’t think regionalization is to important.