Flightjunkie's second board. Invention of the SUP efoil

Hi guys.

I figured I would create a new thread for my second board build.

After testing my first build by ratchet strapping and duct taping everything to a SUP foil board…

I ended up just buying a Lift 4’4" board which I retrofitted to house my custom battery, electronics, and slingshot foil.

The DIY Lift board is amazing. However, because it’s so small it’s really hard to learn on. And it’s really hard to have a passenger (girlfriend, dog, nephews). So, my second board needed to be bigger.

I don’t have a SUP foil board, so I came up with the idea of making a board I could use as a SUP foil board without the battery, electronics, and motor, or have a e-foil board that I could stand on while stationary.

I am also interested in inventing the new sport or SUP efoil surfing! Where you have a SUP paddle and just use the motor to get to and from the surf, and get on foil, then you use the paddle to catch waves with the prop folded!

We will see how this build progresses, but these are the ideas that guided the direction of this build.

New board is 5’2" long, 24" wide, and 5.5" thick. Buoyancy calculated to be 240lbs.

I owe it to my friend Keizo for making this board to my design specifications. Thanks Keizo! I can’t wait to help you build your e-foil board! :call_me_hand:


Looking good.
I’ll be following this project !

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paint over or cut the pad to make the islands? :face_with_monocle:


I ordered a black dick (typo) pad from China. But, it’s gonna be another couple months I guess! LoL.

I went to a local store that sells stand up paddle boards. This deck pad already had the islands on it. Looks like it was laser cut and different color foam was glued in.


Your 5"2 will be perfect for winging too!


But this is already done? No? I saw videos with paddle + efoil, and e-sup + paddle

Post a link! I haven’t been able to find anything.

I have viewed hundred videos regarding our topics for last month so it will be hard to find it again, but a lot of videos with e-sup and paddle or sup with foil and paddle
for example

The videos I saw was similar to this, but was made on efoil and paddle was used for turns.
I don’t know why, but I think video I’m trying to find was takuma efoil (red board) with paddle.

PS this is not a paddle, but looks good :slight_smile:

Not that video I’m trying to find, but I’m sure I’m already close to it.

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Is this similar to your idea or we talking about different concepts?
I’m understand that fold-able props is something “like” new, but a general concept foil + paddle was already used.
For example fold-able prop for drones was realized many years ago, and right know in 2020 it’s very popular

What wing do you plan to use for this new project?

Looks like you could do the Molokai Challenge on it. Might be a bit short.

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None of those are of a SUP e-foil. If you find the video lmk.

I looked and couldn’t find anyone doing this, so I am stating this as my idea. But, please lmk if you come across someone else with this idea.

Not like I’m trying to make anything to sell. Just stating this as an original idea of mine, which I think would be cool to pursue.

My concept is a board that is as small as possible but still support standing on it while stationary. Have a paddle. Have a folding prop. Those are the key things. I also plan to be able to remove the battery and electronics and attach a foil without a motor to use the board as a SUP foil board. Also, instead of the paddle you could have a Wing Surfer wing with the powered board.

If you’ve watched SUP foil surfing you’ve seen the cool crazy carving turns they do dragging the paddle in the water, using the paddle for balance, maneuverability, and stability. Could be fun with a powered board.

The motor could be used to get on foil, then the prop folds and the rider can catch waves, pump, paddle, and do downwinders. This could increase the range possible while still providing the motor when needed.


Molokai to Oahu down winder on it would be awesome! That’s 40 miles. I’m getting 20 miles on my setup now. So, I just gotta surf 50% of the time and I could make it right!? :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the infinity wings by slingshot. I have the 65, 76, 84. I don’t wanna go bigger then the 84 unless it’s high aspect.

I hear Slingshot is working on a high aspect wing to compete with the Axis high aspect wings. That would be awesome! :crossed_fingers:


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That’s a whole new record to set for Molokai (efoil + sup hybrid). Seems possible as long as you can pump / paddle / surf for 50% of the time. bring a friend :slight_smile:

Motor assistance, Jan 2018 9 months before the LIFT folding prop announcement.

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Maybe due language barrier I don’t distinguish sup/surf and foil/hydrofoil/efoil :rofl:

Sure, I also don’t saying that it’s already invented by some one and described as yours. Just saying that I’m pretty sure that I saw video where man was on e-hydrofoil and used paddle for turns

I re-watching my youtube history and found this, starting 0:29
Comments says “modular system makes it possible that efoil can also be used as foil w/o motor”
Later in this video we able to see the same hydrofoil (we don’t see is motor mounted or not) and that rider using paddle.

PS I understand your desire to have some universal or at least multi-functional - we have a lot unnecessary things around us.

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I think this idea is actually very interesting! Mounting the remote on the paddle would be nice or even have it integrated in the paddle shaft! However, do you think it would make more sense to do this with an inflatable board to keep the weight down while still having enough volume to stand on it? I don’t know how easy it would be to paddle a 5ft long SUP with electronics and a motor.

That is a very nice looking board. Are the files for shaping it on the CNC available for download?


The files belong to my friend who drew up my idea, and cut it. I’ll ask, but I don’t think he will want to share them. Who knows, he might sell some boards in the future. If he does, I’ll let you guys know.


The idea and prototype was exposed on this forum in Apr 2019 by Paul aka @rcjetman

The LIFT proto:


Thx SoEFoil.

I guess I can’t claim this as my original idea. :sob::rofl:

My setup idea is a bit different then RcJetMan’s, but I see he already had the concept of a powered SUP efoil board. I wonder if he ever got this working. Last post said it didn’t have enough power to get on foil.

Hey @rcjetman, how did the SUP efoil project turn out?

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