Flipsky 75100 VESC and 6384

Can anyone tell me if the 6384 motor and folding propeller with a Flipsky 75100 VESC is a good combination?

Does the VESC also work if the Hall sensors are not connected to the motor?

I would like to use the combination on my SUP as a assist and on my wingfoil (actually Fanatic 2400cm2) as a support.

Depends on the version, could work but you could also run into overheating. You can run it sensorless.

thank you for the fast answer.

I would go for the water cooled edition:


or is there a better vesc for the 6384 motor?

Have a look at @t-dub-maui thread.

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Edit: I am running the V2.0 pro as per link below.

This is my current setup used as a foil assist and it is working well. Certainly could do with some fine tuning in the VESC TOOL.

No issues with overheating and plenty of Efoil time. I have not modified the 75100 FSESC but it is in contact with an aluminium flat bar external to the case. (Similar to what others are doing with their heat sinks)

Again this is my first VESC so I have very little knowledge on how to setup etc.

Hall sensors are not required, I am running in PPM with the VX3, still yet to investigate the UART connection to display everything correctly on the remote.

Also had a few sessions with an iPhone running the VESC TOOL app and a screen capture. Pretty neat I think.


sounds good.
In this case, the air-cooled one could also work if I mount a heat sink or a heat exchanger plate through which I let water run.

I think the wires on the 6384 motor are pretty thin at 16AWG. I think I will fit thicker ones. For 100A I would have to use at least 9AWG?
I’m leaning towards 12AWG - the continuous load is not always 100A. However, I will use approx. 2m long motor cables.

That’s an interesting setup, Cephalofoil! I received my Flipsky 75100 pro V2 yesterday and am now embarking on the same path like you for efoil wirh a 6384 130KV motor. I’m going to use a 10S3P battery and would be interested to know the following:

  • FOC or BLDC mode?
  • duty cycle or current control mode?
  • what max battery and motor currents did you set?
    I’ve been using my previous 6384 setup for e-foiling with 8S3P and a Max6. Works great but I’ve been toying with a smaller VESC on the bench to learn the setup procedure. There I’m using the Flipsky VX in UART mode with current control and found the BLDC motor mode gives me a few hundred RPMs more. I get all parameters such as VESC temp, Amps, Wattage etc displayed in the VX3. Now trying to replicate that for the real world. You mentioned you’re trying to move from PWM to UART control, so I could give you some pointers as it took me a while to figure it out.