Flipsky 75200 ESC wiring


I was looking to get to get some help wiring my 75200 watercooled ESC. The ESC came with a bundle of wires that i assume are for the receiver however I’m not sure which ones to use for the receiver since there appear to be multiple options.

The potential listed ports are as follows:

  1. AUX
  2. COMM
  3. Sense
  4. CAN
  5. SWD
  6. UART2

any help would be thoroughly appreciated.


What kind of receiver are you using? If it is a traditional rc type receiver, it goes in the 3 pin slot, red black and white, Like mine here. Mine is a 75/100, but I think they are otherwise the same.

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Flipsky site: Flipsky FSESC 75200 75V High Current 200A ESC Base On Vesc With Alumin – FLIPSKY

Phase filtering is not available for Flipsky ESC75100 and 75200!
Please turn off the phase filter function and choose "false" in vesc_tool when 
use firmware version on or above 5.3 (VESC_TOOL 3.01). Without turning 
off the phase filter will result in esc damage. Please do not restore the default 
parameters when using the wizard interface.

If you have a simple remote, it should look like this.
My next build will use VESC firmware 5.3 first VESC FW version to allow the use of a magnetic kill switch (normally closed) connected between 7-3.3V and 7-ADC1 set to HIGH in VESC-tool.
Phase filtering disabled on this 75200 version.