Flipsky Company

Hi everybody,

Did anybody order in Flipsky recently ?
I ordered one motor and I’m struggling to receive it. I dit it the 28/04 and it still not yet picked up by DHL. I contacted them since but they explain me that it’s in the “logistic company”'s hands.
Do you know if they’re reliable at the moment ? I’ve got strong doubts… and no motor…
I may cancel it and go to maytech. But have they got exactly the same motor and do they work at the moment ?



Hello, I can assure you Flipsky is reliable. Maybe even more than Maytech.
With the Covid situation, DHL and other express shipping companies are struggling. It now takes 5 to 10 days more.
What does your tracking says ?
Shipping prices are twice as more expansive as before Covid too.

Thanks Tom,
They seem to be but it takes longer than expected and the reasons seem to be unreliable.
Here’s their answer from today :


I am sorry again, the logitics company still have not update, I have told this bad logtics company to our boss, we are going to change another logitics comopany to send out your order next time.

This order 6591 we have already sent to this logitics company , so we can’t return now, they estimate the package you will received before this months ended.

I am very sorry this waste you so much time.


She promise something before the 1st june. But it takes 5-10 days to ship from china, I don’t know why it is so long. Or maybe they’ve got no stock and they’re still in the process of making the motor.
Well we’ll see…


From what I can gather its the C-19 is causing all of the delays. Can honestly say that Flipsky have been great from when I bought the 200A FSESC from them. They always answered even if it wasn’t good news on delivery and helped with technical issues on more than 1 occasion when I was blaming the ESC but it was actually me and my inexperience with settings!

From what I can see from current experience is that if it was bought in the first or second week in march you have some hope of getting it in a month. If it was bought after that then you’ll need to wait at least a month to 6 weeks for delivery

Received my motor and esc a week ago and had some delays. They seem legit and genuine but I had to some follow up. Also had a similar issue with fedex where my order was showing picked up and then nothing for about 6 days in Hong Kong which seemed odd but it eventually got moving.

Flipsky is pretty good. I’ve been ordering from them for years and years and they’ve never messed anything up. I have their direct email if you need.

I have fresh experience:

Ordered motor on May 6
Raised question on order status on May 11 through online chat
Got no answer but in 30 minutes I got email saying “order sent”.¨
May 13 DHL guy standing at my door.

Apart from paying 30 bucks for shipping and 50 on customs to DHL, all good. If the motor I was ordering was anywhere else available I would buy it elsewhere due to high shipping costs and dealing with customs.

Hum… ok guys thank you for the feedbacks. Let’s see how it’s going.
Kubais what kind of motor did your order ?

56115 200kv

That looks alot like the SSS56114/104 from the original Pacificmeister build, now in Flipsky disguise. :smile:

Mine is a 65161 120Kv…
is it really in the stock ? :thinking:

True…maybe flipsky bought remaining stock of ss56114 sprayed it red and voilà… :smile:

I ordered a 65161 from Flipsky in February and still haven’t received what I ordered. I specifically ordered the motor with a 12 mm shaft and M8 thread (this is also written in the contract). They sent me a motor with a 10 mm unthreaded shaft instead.

I complained about it and they promised to send me the correct one by April 17th. Well, I believed them and didn’t open a dispute in alibaba. I have sent the wrong motor back, but Flipsky has not refunded my money or sent a replacement. They have not even responded to my recent messages. My project is badly delayed because of this mess.

Ok Palsi I understand then. They don’t have any 65151 anymore, as I ordered the same than yours. They must be in difficulties with the Covid also. I will ask them more details…

The topic fits quite well: at the moment I am in discussion with Flipsky about some quality issue. See the 65161 for reference. Usually I am fine with their customer service but right now they are wrong with all their feedback and even lied straight in my face. I will wait until the discussion is over and post outcome into forum.

I try to contact Helen. If I don’t have any answer quickly I will open a dispute against them. It was through Paypal I should go quickly

I’ve got some good news regarding my order. DHL come and deliver it in 4 days time. I still don’t know what was the problem and if I’ll get the right version of the motor but I’ll see…

I had an alignment with them. Their second and following response was better and professional. Anyway, I had to proof them wrong before the support got way better.

My replacement motor was sent today by DHL. We’ll see…

Just received my parcel today with the right motor !
Are they back on track ?