Flipsky VX3 paddle mount

Has anyone developed a “holder” that will allow the VX3 remote to be mounted on a SUP paddle shaft?

Ideally the same holder could be used to attach the remote to a wing handle for wingfoiling.


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I have one that is close to the FoilDrive one but its not reversible like theirs is for goofy, I haven’t finished it yet as I’m still in the board and battery building process. Is that the style that you’re looking for ?

Yes that’s the idea. Are you using the VX3 remote or something else?

I have sent a request to FLIPSKY today to see if I can get a CAD drawing for the VX3.

I am a little surprised that the Foildrive product doesn’t have a retention strap or something other than friction to keep the remote in the “holder” though. When I crash it’s not pretty!:wink:

Yes I’m using the VX3 remote.

It’s not hard to model with a couple of calibrated canvas pics on 2 planes in Fusion, I haven’t seen Flipsky release models before but you never know unless you ask. I haven’t verified that mine is really correct or I’d share it.

Foildrive does have a retention strap at the bottom, its the grey, probably silicone strap that in the video @1:51

Having now re-watched the video I see that Foildrive has a large loop built in and the strap threads through it - thanks for pointing that out😀

The VX3 doesn’t have that type of loop but there are the little holes to thread the string for the orange wrist strap, so maybe a two part holder that goes together so you can leave the orange thing on.

Easy access to power button is important as the docs indicate the remote will auto off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

I’m putting a bigger loop on the bottom of mine as I tend not to trust tiny pieces of string. I’ll post up the design once I print it out and make sure that attachment works

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That would be great, thank you!

FLIPSKY came through and sent me the CAD file. This is the file that they sent and has not been converted/altered in any way. I also have not confirmed that any/all of the dimensions are accurate.




Just checking in to see if you have made any progress on this. :grinning:

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The dimensions are correct, I just checked!


Thanks for checking the measurements.

I found Microsoft 3D programs and managed to eventually load the file I got from Flipsky and use my non digital callipers to compare a few dimensions but am not confident in the accuracy. New to all of this so learning a lot as I move along. :grinning:

Logically the dimensions in the file and the actual VX3 both coming from Flipsky should match but better to check.

Well if you are new in CAD, I would recomend you downloading Fusion360 (home edition, if your not student). It is really powerfull and usefull, pretty easy to learn basics. You have a lot of tutorials on google for all sorts of shaped, builds…


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I haven’t done a test print yet but this is the basic idea. The control will be retained in the holder with the bolt in the bottom and you should be able to remove the controller without removing the whole thing from the paddle or at least that’s the plan. I’ll put the files up once I’ve done a test print and made it look a bit nicer.


Could be used as is with some foam around a handle but would you have a wingfoil wing version in mind ?

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I’d probably go with my portable split mount idea and just make a wing specific mount but I doubt I’ll ever use a wing. I may go with this rotatable design in the end just so it’s easier to get the angle I’d want.
semi exploded view

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That’s great progress. Thanks for the update.
If you have time can you also post a pic of the “loop” you added on to the VX3 as a retention point?

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I was just going to put a bigger hole in the bottom of the case but there isn’t much meat there

This would be for someone that wants to use a wrist strap and I’m making a version for a hand strap like the Lift controller too. The retention to the controller is the small bolt in the bottom that will go into the void for the small assembly screw in the VX3 case. I think it would be best printed in TPU or the like but will work in rigid material too. Files will be put up once I have done a test print to verify hole location and size


Thanks for posting your design - looks great!

Here’s the version that’s like the Lift controller with side strap attachments. I’ll probably add some foam to the side strap construction so it will be sure to float but I haven’t checked yet to see if the VX3 floats without any help.


Did a couple of quick test prints and the fit is really good but my retention bolt holes need a little adjustment and need to smooth out the rough edges.