Flipsky Waterproof Remote VX3

Flipsky waterproof remote VX3 coming soon. :fire::fire::fire:
Stay tuned…


More details please :wink:

how waterproof will this one be??

Perhaps you can use it in the rain like the Maytech Fully Waterproof Remote :rofl:

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@JamieJiang send it out to some people on here for feedback before the full production!

What price range are you looking at?

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Fun fact: None of the new features matter if it isn’t 100% waterproof.


so true!! how hard can it be? not hard,really

Looks nice. But it would be better to have battery power remaining displayed as a percentage rather than bar increments.
Hopefully its waterproof, unlike the junk that maytech produce.

km and km/hr, so must have GPS?

For voltage, I want to see the ~5 sec averaged voltage number in big font!

Hi guys, thanks all for your attention on our remote VX3. We have put the remote in salt water for hundred of hours testing, it’s 100% waterproof!

Here below more info of our remote VX3 FYI:
Screen: 1.6-inch sun-visible display, which can be clearly seen even under the sun
Screen display: GPS, Connection Status, Battery Power Remaining, Remote Power Remaining, Speed Mode(H/M/L), Real-Time Speed(Km/h or Mile/h) / Current / Power, Real-Time Temperature of Mosfet, % of Throttle, Mileage
Support ESC type: VESC based ESC & Normal ESC
Support mode: Esurfing & ESK8
Communication port: support PPM & UART
Wireless charging


Nice. Can it display battery status when you use normal esc?

I think not because the battery status comes like from all other VESC compatible controllers from the UART bus.

I like the buildin GPS and hope the speet ist calculated from the GPS and not with the VESC (weel, rpm) Data?
The price, do you can say something about?

Maybe they have a device that can be used if you have normal esc only.

@Toto44 Yes it can display battery status when using normal esc via PPM communication. Same as our remote VX1.
@nice2cu In esurfing mode, yes the speed is calculated from the GPS. And the retail price will be published around in the middle of this month, thanks for your attention.


This looks similar construction to the maytech which allows water into the case. Does this one seal the electrics in a sealed compartment or are you relying on a coating of the electrics. Also maytech gets moisture under the display screen. Does this happen to yours

Middle of this month has passed… when will it be for sale?

Hi, does the VX3 have multiple channels to turn on a water pump or other switch ??? When will it be available ??? Thanks

They told me a week ago that the remote is still under testing… No more news than that guys

If you really want something good, maybe wait a bit for my v2 version, professionally made multiple channels and things like cruise control. No release date as I’m currently under development. But should be available this season. Stay tuned. Update in 2 weeks​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand: