Flipsky's new waterproof 6384

Here are some details I was able to obtain from the Flipsky chat in case anyone is interested in this new motor. It does have a 55mm stator. My sense is the flat shape of the motor casing will not be good for foil assist? Is a Saite 130kv a better choice than this for a foil assist?



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I have this ready on a unit. The quality is fantastic.

I was thinking to pair this with an actual Foil Drive folding three blade propeller but was concerned that the shape of the motor casing may not be ideal for that configuration. You think its a good combo?

You may need a 3D printed ‘washer’ with holes to allow longer screws to fill the gap in the back of the foil drive hub.

Any photos of the stator waterproofing?

I ordered one a few days ago. looks a good alternative ro the Saite engine

Waterproofed to the same level as the Foil Drive motors.

I’d argue its actually nicer because of the shape. Easier to mount and more mounting options.

Can you share some pics of the stator?

I requested a photo from Flipsky will post here if they send it to me. ps everything above was sent to me through the text chat box on the Flipsky website, I don’t actually have one of these motors yet.

What you going to assess from seeing a stator potted in black epoxy?

To see what it was coated in (that you just answered), and how good the coverage is. Comparing it to the Saite stator before I purchase one.

I know Saite is a great motor and in another class then the generic BUAV 6384 but one reason I ended up buying this Flipsky was based on its ability to operate with higher voltage range. Also, in the US they have 12% off now for 4th July weekend.

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One notable thing, they run the cable out inline instead of out the side. but I just made a special nano pod to allow the cable out the top if I wanted that.
The motor has ceramic bearings and a circlip so it will be interesting to see if it needs to be opened or whether it can just be flushed in fresh water for cleaning. I should hopefully run it soon, I just need to get my battery back together.

I got the 6374 140kv, but it feels MUCH better and heavier than the Maytech offering.


Hmm. This is the photo Flipsky just sent me when I asked for one showing the stator.

That is their sensored 6384. I have one of those too that I converted to waterproof. It has plenty of power!

Do you guys think this motor has sufficient power for an efoil?

Yeah it does. I have used a 6384 on 10S as an efoil before.

Here is another photo from Flipsky on the stator for the waterproof 140kv 6384:


I placed an order Monday on the Flipsky website and paid for express DHL shipping. Still hasn’t shipped. Has anyone had any issues with Flipsky?