Flipsky's new waterproof 6384

Does anyone know how to attach a Flite Propeller to this motor?
I want to upgrade from the 65161 motor to something smaller and lighter because the 65161 is too powerful. But I like the performance of the Flite Propeller and want to keep it.

I am in the same situation. Crossing the fingers to have them home quickly!

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Still waiting here also. DHL as well.

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You can build flanged shaft, I‘ve done that for a
630100 Outrunner:

Hey buddy, thanks for the suggestion! I’m mulling it over, but I’m also looking for a few more options to make sure I pick the best one. By the way, I dig your build!

When I ordered my motor from them they took about 2 weeks before it shipped. I suspect they are reselling the motor and are only getting manufactured once an order comes through. But the quality is great so is worth the wait.
I ordered through Banggood so got extra discount and paid no import taxes.

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Rode mine today. Hit 30kph with 6374 140kv, a average 3d printed prop and 12s. It’s a really great motor! Going to try mine at 14s too and see what it can do.


@Jezza …would this work as a single engine for a tow boogie???

Not the 6374, I don’t think it has enough for that. I can’t comment on the 6384 though as I haven’t ever fully pushed that.

Is this motor louder than the 65161? If so, by how much?

Even one 63100 will not be enough.

Can’t really say. I haven’t ridden the 65161 in over 2 years.

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Would this work for a two motor tow boogie?

I placed an order on July 8, support replied that the mortor would be sent on the nineteenth.

This is suitable, but only in quantities of two pieces)

I looking for the stl file of this motor to create a clamp gong mast
does anyone have this ?
I couldn’t find it on google or the forum

Only thing we have. Interested also by gong V2 clamp stl

You can try my Pod:



Or my 63100 Pod with internal cable. Also compatible with 6374/6384

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Hi @Jezza , I bought also the 6374 flipsky, I tested it with a 3 blades folding propeller, but I was disappointed by the the power, I manage to fly with a big 116cm span front wing; 10S battery (67kg and 45L board), I have far more thrust with the 7070 flipsky.

What is you max motor current configuration ? (I put 90A, but at max power I have a duty cycle of 30%, so only 30A battery current, so around 1100W at 36V 10S)
In spec they say max current 75A, but at 75 A I will have no thrust to fly.