Fliteboard prop alternative to FR?

Was out looking for discounted Fliteboards and just realized that their spareparts are quite competitively priced. The prop is 40€ incl VAT and the Duct is another 40.
Have the FR 6" since before and I’m contemplating buying or 3D metalprinting the FR/Lift folding type (seems like low Pitch though). Also offcourse I’m on Davids list for a normal one if he ever wakes up…

Anybody who has experience with the Fliteboard prop, what pitch and hole diam?

Will base my 2021 project on the Flite fuselage design but make it detachable for transportability .
Have yet to find reasonable foils for high-speed, so I ordered a used Fliteboard Flyer wing and stab.

As before I’m sticking to my Whimifoil inflatable with Trampa 75/300 on 16s 45Ah LIION/Lipo Hybrid battery and Flipsky 120kv.

Any other aspiring 2021 builds taking place?

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Where did you see the Fliteboard prop price?

“Fliteschools” seem to carry spares, just searched for the one closest to me.


39,- from a Dealer in Bremen.
Greetings Frank

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what is the diameter of this prop?

Thanks! I see the duct is also a very reasonable price. I think I might grab both and see how compatible they are for the 65161 motors…


hello man did you test it ? is she just placed on it FR support ?
have you a pics of the hole or the thread for the shaft ? and of course the size of the hole …an interesting design and price :+1:

Diameter ist 142mm
for 10mm diameter shaft
Greeting Frank

Price is 39,-€


Thanks for the info Frank, since its likely fiber reinforced plastic it should be fairly easy to drill to 12mm.
Have you tried it in order to assess efficiency?
I know the fliteboard foils at 50wh/km, but honestly I’m not that impressed with their prop choice for the worlds best engineered efoil in other spects. I can clearly see that this comes from their collaboration with german torqeedo from the design.


Good one with the idea that maybe torqeedo has something to do with it.

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Can you measure the pitch at 70-80% diameter , please?

I ordered one and measured it out for us. It seems like a really nice option for the 65161 120kv version. The blades are quite stiff and really smooth. I really like it.


Designed similar to torqueedo but personal knowledge is that a friend of mine designed the prop and another friend designed the wing. I got to try out some prototype wings a couple days ago and they are fun to ride. Still feel uneasy having 60 pounds of board under my feet. Not as reactive as just a surf foil board. The prop and wing combination is extremely efficient. At over an hour of cruise I still had over 50% charge left.


Anything idea on pitch ? Since it a gearsetup I would think they limited the rpm on the gearbox , so probably used high pitch , 120kv or 100kv ?

I don’t know. Don’t have any reference here.

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I’m on 120kv and 16s so pitch is probably enough by far. Should I go for one or wait for our Slovenian friend to wake up and start delivering alu ones?
Where did you buy from and did you get it quickly?

120kv 16s :exploding_head:

Which Esc is used for such death ride

Using 75/300, but did blow my first 3 in a couple of months :slight_smile:
The 4:th unit has been good now for about 300km combined ride.

My 16s high energy battery is quite power-weak (Samsung 50E cells) and only rated for 80A cont, so I usually couple it with a 16s 5Ah lipo when I want bursts to go beyond 40kmh.

It just took 2 days (Germany)