Fly with your favorite propeller - FR assembling prop. (you can change only blades and hub stay same)

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awesome!!! adaptability is great !


For all EFOIL MEMBERS free shipping

in checkout please typ CODE: FREEZONE

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And just like that David is ahead of the game again. Great Initative with modular design. Please explain practical difference between Thruster & Pro. Also keep inventing, perhaps an 8"…

And why not with a conical hub @45mm and 11mm shaft so that you can adress all Fliteboard owners as well. Would that really make Lift angry…?

THRUSTER have more KICK :slight_smile:

yes i agree we gona in foture adding on your desire NEW BLADES

But more efficency with Pro the later blade design?

yes with conical HUB we win some area of blade and we have lees cavitation BUT PROPS gonna be loot more expensive because we can mill that only on 5 axis machine and one pcs on time :frowning:

Please help me with my frankenmix. It does not feel good to put on 54mm hub. There can be eaven greater efficency…

Straight 45mm hub and 11mm shaft would be a start :slight_smile:

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which you prefer FR or standard FLITE?

FR is about 5% more efficient in testing and not as fragile. Tips of plastic flite are really easy to brake during transport with the prop-duct removed. Good thing they are only 40€ and absolutely fantastic for plastic. But for people spending 13k€ on an efoil, I think there is room for a 200€, just saying…

yea i agree with you

Between us, the real business opportunity is with the foldable thought. Flite’s Trueglide has sold like crazy and has quite a big drag compared to to true foldable design. As I understand this one is patented though and you only produce under licence.

:rofl: :rofl: i have developed for LIFT FOLDING

Yes, this is known. But do you have the IPR?

Will you be able to buy the blades separately?

Edit… I see you can buy them separately!

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Interesting to see… how it will work…So far I found the Flite prop works perfect for the 65162 motor and with a better efficiency too… So let`s see how they work. idea is great… just price is not :sweat_smile:

Hope it works as cool as it looks.
Thruster 6 inch COMBO - ordered.

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Dont wory if you gona be disaponted i will returned money.

And to all 20 first buyer FLYER blades GRATIS


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