FlyTomaz - First build

I just finished the mast modification for my first build.
Next stop is battery and electronics :slight_smile:

Ask if you need any more info.


My battery is 13s10p made from Samsung INR21700-40T (40T3) 4000mAh - 35A
I’ll have a small BMS just for charging and emergency power off.



very impressive mate! which board are you going for ?

I’ve been into ESK8 builds for years but now I was thinking about doing also my first build with this seems a different world ! which board are you going for ?

For the foil mast/wing, I was thinking about this one

are you able to share all the details/stl of the material you are using for your build?

I’m planning to create my own inflatable board.
I want to use it for e-foil, wing and wind foiling.
That’s why I’m making mast and electronics removable. I’ll create it from old SUP like that:

I’m able to share all my stl or fusion designs but in PM.

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Can you show the details of the seal between the mast and the cables?
What kind of material did you print the parts from?

Do you mean the top plate or on motor mount?
I haven’t done any sealing yet.

I’ll probbably make the seal just on top where top plate is connected to board.

I’m printing with resin printer but the print is more cosmetic and not really structural.

A little progress on battery.


And it is in the case.


Now for the electronics…


This looks great! Is it a flipsky motor and gong mast? Mind sharing 3D files for mast mount, prop and duct? We’ll run a student project aimed at efoil control, and this looks like a nice hardware platform!

It’s gong V2 mast and Maytech motor.
The 3d model is somehow not perfect.
I had to send it a little afterwards.
PM for 3D files.

What is this???

It is a circuit to turn on and off the vesc.

If you hold the button half way for 5s it turns off.

So it is a anti spark switch?

Nice project. Could you remind us which ESC you’re using ? The use of Amphenol right angle connectors + copper right angle brackets above the ESC to reduce the cable radius is such a good idea to reduce the ESC footprint. Where did you find the copper right angle brackets btw ?

PS: your solderings should be shiny and they look dark and dry. I think you have a soldering time or power issue that could create failures with time.
These issues are addressed in this video. I apologise in advance for the title which doesn’t reflect my opinion.

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Not the end result. Just fast proof of concept.
It is very shiny now :grin:

Kind of. It is on/off switch of the ESC.

@SoEFoil it is Reiden7. Copper connectors are custom made. Vise & hamer :grin:

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Hi, but it is the Alu version?

Alu version of what?

From the V2 mast

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