FlyTomaz - Second build

I’m very happy to announce my second build.

It will actually be upgraded version of V1, since I’ll be using same motor, mast and controller.
I’ll build another board a little smaller and controller will be integrated for faster assembly.
The V1 board can be reused if anyone is iterested PM me.

A few renders:


Nice design. What type of zip do you use ? Is it waterproof ?
One thing that your board absolutely needs is a pair of wheels, recessed in the board bottom… like the kitesurf “golf” bags allowing to roll 30kg of gear or golf trolley / shopping cart wheels … with ceramic ball bearings…

The zip is not waterproof it just holds two halves together. What makes it waterproof is a seal all around the split surface.
I don’t think it needs wheels. Maybe i can put them on the bag.

That Sir, is a more than a great idea! Do you got pictures of the sealing? Is it still working?

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Yes it works quite well.
You can see the seal here:


Understood. In fact like a Pelican case, you don’t necessarily need a zip to maintain the seal pressed between the male bottom part inside the top female part: two straps or two hinges plus two locks could do the job.

During transport, is your board able to accomodate both the foil and the battery at the same time ?

The zip is actually the thing that press together top and bottom. It is glued on without seal and the seal is added after.

I can store everything inside the board except battery. Also for safety.
I’d have to redesign the battery shape for that…

For the zipless version, I had this in mind… :blush:


I also thought about that but I think zip is better option for hydrodinamics.

Will it fit? :grin:


I got time to waste :slight_smile:


That is just awesome! Go go go!

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Anyone used the vertical compartment in a mast for water cooling? I was thinking to use that without the tube inside.
What can go wrong?

My concern is only that the volume inside the mast will be pushing incoming watter out but on the other hand it is already full of water before you take off and is constantly filling up when moving.

I woul say yes but there’s a doubt… a small flow pushing a larger water comlumn…losses… Testing is the way to be sure… Using a tube all the way through is simple and … a no brainer …

I did it in a slingshot mast through one of the small channels. It worked but a tube is just simpler at the end of the day actually.

The problem with tube is that 90° bend. I’ll try it and can still put tube in afterwards.

If your 3d print is going to be out of aluminum then you probably don’t need any water cooling! I have vesc temp cutout pretty low and only have hit it when I was attempting to tow another person trying to foil.

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I tried also without cooling but with my Raiden7 and my mini board @95kg the temp rise to almost 90°C pretty fast.
I’ll keep coolibg. It can’t hurt :grin:

Anyone thought about this kind of motor mount?

I did like this.