Foil assist Japan

Hi everyone,
I have been slowly collecting parts for my foil assist project.
So far I have:

  • Maytech remote
  • Flycolor ESE 80A
  • 6384 130Kv potted outrunner motor
  • ISDT Q8 MAX DC 1000W Lipo Battery Charger

For 3D printing, I am thinking of a Solvol SV06 or an Ender-3 V3 SE but for about 80USD I can get a Bambu Labs A1 mini which might be better, as I hear that it takes less time to configure and start printing. The only issue I can see about the mini is the 180mm x 180mm x 180mm print size. But I think I might get to about 100mm for most of the work that I need to do.

The main issue that I am having is that I can’t get my hands on batteries for a sensible price. I was thinking either Molicel INR-21700-P42A or Panasonic 21700 5000mAh but leaning towards Molicel as I did try to contact Panasonic and they gave me other contacts which I followed down the supply chain but could only find a company that would mass produce the cell pack. Other than that I could not find Panasonic 21700 cell batteries for sale in Japan. Currently, I can find Molicel for $9.20 USD each through a vaping company (8S3P = 24 cells required). I have tried going to hobby shops, bicycle repair shops, and auto electricians but it just looks like Japan might be sensitive about selling cells to consumers.
BMS is also not purchased but I don’t see a massive issue with that.

Does anyone in Japan know where to purchase cells?
Does anyone have any ideas on where else I can source the cells?
I dread to say it but does anyone have a reliable Alibaba contact (just in case)?
Also, does anyone have any Naish (s25) specific CAD files for the 3d printed parts and/or the retractable propellor?
Sorry for the questions, I just thought I would get all my questions out in one go. I have read and reread the foil drive assist, and DIY thread, and got a book of notes but I just need a little hand-holding to get me over the line.

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Please consider purchasing used batteries, such as those from ebike. They are very cheap.
The first thing I could find now: Redirecting...

You may find a much better or cheaper option if you spend some time searching.

Do you at least understand what current consumption Foil Drive has?

Yes of course thank you.

Ok, I’ll ask it differently. How many amperes can the cells you recommend continuously supply?

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It depends on many factors.
What type of efoil are you using (assist or regular)?
How heavy are you?
How big is your board and foil?
What prop are you using?
Which ESC?
From this I can calculate the power and voltage and then the current for you.
For example, for my large 130L board, medium 1600cm foil and 60V battery, I use about 20-25A current at about 20km/h.
There will be less for assist.

I’m interested in what continuous current the elements you recommend are designed for? Give the number in amperes.

Give me more information about your build and then I can recommend the battery options that suit your needs.
For example, for my large and heavy structure, I recommend 30-40 amps. I got a 90A battery from ebike because it’s very cheap, but it’s too much for me.

Since you’re thinking of an 8S3P pack (or consider 12S2P) you will need high quality power cells like the Molicel P42 you already mentioned or Samsung 40T or other that has high current capability. These are hard to find somewhere used and most e-bikes or scooters don’t have such nice cells.
You can try looking for esk8 shops or brands that are in Japan. They often use the same high power cells in their boards. In the USA and Europe there are large diy communities and forums, much bigger than No idea how much esk8 there is in Japan though

AMORGE battery is a China based custom pack builder. I’ve seen them mentioned a few times on other forums (and here a bit too). Maybe they can ship to Japan. I’m sure there are countless other Chinese options out there

Did I ask for recommendations? It was you who proposed here the elements for a foil drive battery in the 8s3p configuration. Answer, can they supply 30 amps for a long time?

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You are wrong. I did not suggest elements for 8s3p. If you want this configuration and 30 amps, then you need elements that can support 10 amps each. Just google it on the internet. Maybe they are sold somewhere near you.

If you haven’t noticed, the topic is called “Foil assist Japan” and the topicstarter asks for help and writes about the battery

Of course I noticed it.

And yet you offer some used junk instead of normal cells?

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Of course not, I’m not offering using junk instead of normal cells. I suggest buying good cells for better price as I did.
I bought 176 good Panasonic cells + smart BMS + powerful charger + watertight case with LCD display near my house for only $300.

And I bought a Ficus fraseri at a flower shop. What is the maximum discharge current of your Panasonic?

I didn’t measure it, it’s many times more than I need.

In foildrive, the battery assembled according to your recommendations will look something like this.

E-bike cells won’t work for a Foildrive - for long anyway.

Better to find a good China seller on alibaba and get them to send you molicels directly.

It is not true. My battery looks different, like this:

It’s VERY powerful.