Foil Assist with Flipsky 65111 for Axis Mast (and Flipsky 75100 ESC)

If you have a VESC then there’s a parameter detection wizard in the VESC tool and it detects the motor parameters that is needed for the motor to be controlled and driven in the correct way.

If you have two different motors and one runs but not the other it could be that the motors are different kV, phase resistance, inductance etc.

It could also be that there is a winding short on the non-working motor or that the phase wire connections have a problem.

Hi Folks,
this is Helmut writing on Robbies account. I helped him testing.
We ran a Model Helicopter motor on the ESC and that ran smoothly. The 65111 is just jittering, just like if one phase is missing. So, I measured the phases with a DVM, and got the same resistance between all 3 coils/phases. Not a precise measurement as a standard DVM is no good in the one Ohm range, but at least we did not see any difference in resistance. At least no open wire on the 3 phases.
So, we don’t know how to proceed.
I guess the ESC is basically OK, as it runs the Heli-Motor.
We have not used any parameter detection wizard, I didn’t see that yet.
But with all the brushless motors I have used for my Helicopter the motors ran even without parameters set. That was only needed for tuning the motor for power and efficiency.
So, if the 65111 Motor is usually spinning up without load, I’d suppose the motor is defect.
But how to make sure ?
Any Idea what we could test ?

And just to clarify that: The Motor has never been used before, never turned a single round. It was the very first test bench trial we did.

If you don’t use the motor wizard then basically the VESC won’t run your motor well - you must do it.

There’s probably nothing wrong with the motor.

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I had the same issue with the same Flipsky 65111 using the Mini FSESC4.20 50A base on VESC® 4.12. I went round and round with Flipsky support and finally got it right.

Step 1. Upgrade the firmware on the VESC
Step 2. Run the connection wizard according to motor specs AND battery!
Step 3. At the “Setup Input” for the remote control you MUST pull the throttle all the way AND click SAVE or CAPTURE (I can not remember exactly what it says) AT THE SAME TIME!!

Step 4. Configure the remote correctly under Throttle Response (MIN/MAX)

I can almost guarantee your motor is good and you are just configuring it wrong.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you very much for your help, the software managed to get the engine running.
Now we continue with the bracket for the motor and the packaging of the electronics and batteries in a case.
Pictures of this will follow.

Everything always takes a little longer than planned, but the small steps are fun.

What settings did you change in vesc-tool to get the ds18b20 to read the correct temperature? I tried all the preexisting types, but none gave a reasonable reading…