Foil Drive Assist, DIY

The best solution is to change frequency. In drone area we know this very very well with carbon frame. Use 868mhz make a lot of sense in this use case with strong fréquence hoping like tbs stuff. Trust me in 868 there will zero issue and 100% reliable.

As signal energy is inversely proportional to frequency, yes, the lower the frequency (Mhz instead of Ghz) the stronger the signal to pass through didfficult materials like concrete or, here, carbon. Thats’s why 4G has replaced analog TV on the 700-900Mhz carrier range.
One question though. If you are competing with 4 an 5G on 860ish Mhz carriers and doing frequency hoping meaning you jump between 20 to 50 carriers, how are you sure you’re not perturbating telecom signals ? Is 868Mhz +/- 5Hz A forbidden gap for communications ?

In drone area one product has been a standard: TBS Crossfire (868Mhz with telemetry and lot of features) BUT this TX device is big. Rx are super small. I use this standard in more than 5 RC planes / drones. TBS crossfire is allowed in many country and this 2 version (868 & 915 Mhz for US please find info on there website). So Diffculty is not using the Rx but Tx that is to too much bigger.
But there are other eBytes Device, with open source firmware that will do the job in quiet reasonable form factor (look at QLRS for example). Existing remote ‘eventually’/possibly hack to change the TX part.

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Just made the connection to LoRa (Long-Range) radio is digital wireless data communication IoT technology. Transmits over license-free megahertz radio frequency bands: 169 MHz, 433 MHz (Asia), 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America).

Suited for our use : long range (several km) but slow throughput: ideal for data or telemetry,

Is 868Mhz free ?
The sub-gigahertz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band is a range of radio frequencies that is available for unlicensed use that is region dependant. In addition to:
Europe 863-870 MHz 433 MHz
US 902-928 MHz
China 470-510 MHz 779-787 MHz
Australia 915-928 MHz
India 865 - 867 MHz

We have:
Asia 923 MHz
Korea 920 - 923 MHz
Russia 864 - 870 MHz

Crossfire latency and other equivalent are less than 20ms latency which is more than enough for what we expect. Review: R9M-Lite Module & Latency Testing vs TBS Crossfire - Oscar Liang. Even 100ms will be enough for eFoil. Commercial product or open source equivalent are ready to be use in most part of the world.

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Yet another FD+ clone: Easyfoil 6374 and folding Prop, Maytech v2 Remote and 60100 VESC, motor pod by @hangloose, Bud HI BOX via DigiKey.


ESC Box and Clip protection:


good luck with the VESC 100A in FOC. I gave up and so happy to use the HV3. Whole different game.


Absolutely agree. I bought two of these controllers and consider it the most unwise investment.

I‘m aware of the very mixed results with that ESC. Wondering if anyone knows which ESC FoilDrive/Easyfoil are using. There’s not many that would fit in the Hi box the way they fitted it.

Look at page 488 of this discussion. Nothing more than that, probably a custom VESC.

Flycolor X Cross HV3 160 amp is very good and cheap by the way. Cheers

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They use a vesc, but it’s been tuned properly. They also don’t rely on a long run time so theirs will overheat after a while on the gen 1. On gen 2 they have loads of cooling from the housing so I assume they are just using a 100a vesc. Especially because they can change the voltage cutoff and current limits for their different size batteries.

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Hi Flying people :star_struck:

:point_right: BUILD your own prop for asist with FR blades
:point_right: becuse of big area generated loot of torque (no need for 3 blade)



Hi, any chance you could give me a hand to build this? Cheers

This is aluminum… @Evofoiler

Ready for first water test. If it only wasn’t that cold…


Which cells do you use to get 15 a/h?

I got the battery pack prebuilt from Battery pack for Foil Assist UPGRADE – Not sure how they arrived at 15Ah but the owner told me he’s using Samsung cells.

They’ll be Samsung 50s 5000mah which will give you 60a max! The original foil drive is current limited so it might be ok for that. For a DIY build you going to need to limit the current or otherwise you’ll toast that pack first session.

I wanted to write that I don’t know of batteries with a capacity of 5 Ah and a high output current, but Jezza beat me to it. Does the battery get hot under load?