Foil Drive Assist, DIY

I want to duplicate the Foil Drive Assist at It’s an lower powered efoil. I would appreciate ANY help in the build process. I’d like to start with a list of parts for the potential build. The company in Australia is retailing it for $3,400. Thanks, if my build is successful I’ll share it with others.

Again, I really need help in determining what parts I need for the build. I already have the board and foil.

Hi, this is a very interesting project. I recommend you start by choosing the motor! Without that it is impossible to select the other parts.

there were a few tips on foildrive on this thread from a month ago Boost Surfing FIN greatly inspired by Efoil

Just to precise, that’s 2600usd.

Following… very interested too.

I commented here and deleted my original comment since I didn’t want to “knock their hustle” but whatever, It’s a 6374 motor 120~300kv, Maytech remote (you don’t need one, you can get a 20$ e-skate remote) you will need a 6s battery, 120~150A 3s-6s RC boat ESC like FlyColor, 3D printed prop, 3D printed mastclamp, you can build that whole setup for less than 300$, please do your own further research, you’re welcome.

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Anyone here used one or made one?
They seem to have a battery capacity of ~250wh which could give 20mins run time at 500w or more. Which model of cells are they using in their package? The boost would be good for paddling into bumps, and downwind runs, but I could see the battery running out quickly if you need to cover distance when you come off the foil.

This DiY project from April 2019 clearly inspired Foildrive.
Credit to Paul aka @rcjetman:

'Mini motor for SUP surfing

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Foildrive is his company…