Foil motorcycle



bro, how it feels? Nice idea

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What wingset do you have on the motorcycle foil?

Thank you bro.:blush:
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Wings my design :slight_smile: But test not finish

Lift inspired it seems haha! What is the area?

What do you mean I do not understand :thinking:

Your wingset looks like a lift foil wing! What is the area of the wing? Is it like the 170 lift wing or like the 200 model?

I am little speak english sorry😊
Yes wings lift foil 200

Nice! How did you build it?

4 kw motor
48v 30a batary

looking for investor.

IMHO, a true heir to the Evolo project.
Would you show us how it takes off and flies ? That would be much better than Supernova.
Do you confirm that since at rest the scooter body must bear the riders’s weight, it is at least 100L like an efoil board ?

The leisure or motion picture industry ? Hydrofoil based individual transportation companies like :wink:
Don’t hesitate to call for sponsorship on FB pages like Redirecting...

Not yet flying. more powerful motor required.
I tried it for 95 kg No problem

What is the power that didn’t work ? Maybe you could try with a 50kg teenager… There’s also an important drag with you feet and calves at half mast in the water that you could lift while taking off.
Depending on the country you live in, there might be somebody around keen on lending you his/her drive train to validate your project based on the most powerful motors around like 80100, Flying Rodeo, @Peter 's, …

Hi guys.

I usually just read these posts and laugh and carry on my way. But tonight I drank too much after a long day of work and decided to go on a little rant…:rofl::call_me_hand::beers:

Riding an e-foil, or any foil for that matter is a very delicate balancing act. Standing on a board is the best way to do it to keep the size and weight of the equipment as small as possible. Is this not what this sport is all about?

Once you go beyond standing on the board, you need to take several things into account. Most significant is you will no longer be operating a lightweight portable foiling device.

Control and handling will no longer be weight shift. The rider, or the pilot as would be more accurate now would need to be out of the water to reduce drag.

The nature of foiling requires starting and stopping on a low drag planing surface. The pilot would be above this planing surface. This is now describing a larger foiling vessel which already exist. I’m sure we will see plenty more of this type of craft. Foiling jet ski’s, and many types of small foiling boats.

This foil motorcycle literally hurts my brain. The way it is depicted is ridiculous. A seated rider cannot accurately maneuver their weight so a control system will be required. And the foot pegs and legs cannot be in the water. So, now you have a large heavy boat that foils.

Is there anything else that makes up a “Foil Motorcycle” besides these two flawed concepts? Yes. With technology and a larger craft anything is possible. But, for the reasons stated above the concept of a lightweight, simplistic foil motorcycle as depicted is completely illogical.

You ever heard the saying “over engineered”? Or KISS - “Keep It Simple Stupid!”

Good night.


Your answer for some picture !!

foot pegs and legs not in the water. this only for test.
Total weight with batary 25 kg.

Such a control system should be demonstrated within a few weeks (Supernova hopefully) whereas sitting on an efoil has been possible for more than a decade now. We’re nearly there, we just need the right volume distribution to make the sitting position more comfortable, more effective and safer …
DLeroy 2019 Evolo 2009

A possible way could be this 2012 design project that never came to fruition …

Hugh Layton

My point is you lose so much control in a seated, or lying down position, a control system would be required.

I kite foil. And wake foil. I can sit on board too. The rider loses about 90% control when no longer standing. These boards are weight shift control. A control system would be required to maintain a level on control and maneuverability anything close to possible when standing.

A foil board you sit on is like trying to sell a new “motorcycle skateboard” that you sit on. :rofl:

But, good luck! Sorry I rained on this parade last night. I will go back to simply watching and being amused!