Forum organization?

Is there a way for the forum to be better organized with sections and sub-groups? This place already seems way chaotic with threads going everywhere. Tons of useful info, but some of the good gems are going to get buried quickly.
It would be nice to have a sections for motors, ESCs, gear reducers, remotes, props, foils, boards. Then you could post/read topics in those sections. Also a working build section like the sticky. If they keep getting put in there, it will be hard for people to ask questions about each individual build.
Just my 2 cents.
Thanks again to everyone for sharing info and making efoils possible. After 6 years of trying to get a working powered surfboard, next spring might finally get to ride my own build!

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Thanks for your feedback. This forum is growing quickly and we start to see threads with similar topics. I started to consolidate some already. I want to add a “read this first” pinned post with quick links to threads on the most common topics and basic forum guidelines. Similar to the way the esk8 forum has it. It will help but there will always be some duplication and digging necessary. Pinning more key topics may help too. The search functionality here works great, I recommend using search a lot for finding topics and before creating new threads. Open to suggestions from everyone. Am very happy that you are all here and I am looking forward to the efoiling future.


its great thanks to everyone who put the time to set this up,
we are all collectively going to build great things, just a side note, we need to be safe, there’s a fast spinning propeller and its water*
what if’s and plan B’s if things fail out there,must be thought about
be safe

Yeah we haven’t setup the categories or turned on the tagging. Both things we plan on doing and we’ll make sure it becomes more organized.