Found a good motor

I have just ordered this all I need is to get the 3D printed for the prop and attachment for the foil

70120 2Y 160KV 12 to 30s 125v 80A Hydrofoil efoil Hydrofoil Surfboard Brushless Motor

4 Pole 12 Slot Hi-torque Motor Design
CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminium Heatsink Can
High Purity Copper Windings Maximises Efficiency
High RPM ABEC5 Oversized Bearings
Universal fit, fits all 1/5 brushless cars-multi-mounting system for M4 screws
Precision balanced rotor for smoothness, best reliability
Stator - Super Thin (0.2mm) Laminations
Removable/Replaceable Rotor
Misplaced magnetic field of rotor. which have low speed and perfect Linear performance.
Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion I Max Max Product Watts lipo Amps

Model: 70120/2Y
Max Watts: 10KW
Max Lipo: 12-30S (<125V)
Max Amps 80A @ 125v / 200A @ 50v
KV RPM: 160kv
Resistance: 0.0075
Max RPM 40000
Rotor Poles: 4
Length 198mm
Diameter: 75mm
Shaft: 8 x M8 (70mm long)
Connectors: 8mm Gold
Weight: 1730g

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We’ve seen this motor posted many times before but I think there were reasons to stay away from it. I can’t remember but id search for forum to find other mentions of the same motor.

That silver motor is the lift motor and is most definitely not the same motor!
This direct drive is not that great.

Hy Martin have you allready tested the motor?

This motor in this thread is not a great motor. Stay away from this one.

Ok thanks for the advice

Jezza, did you buy and test this motor? why you saying stay away. Is it specs not seem right?

No I didn’t. I felt that it wasn’t an ideal solution and that there were other better options.

I have already ordered the motor
Before the advice came in so will let you all no how it goes once I have put all together

sounds good martin, i hope it will work, good luck :+1:

i been following thsi thread but still unsure of the best option for a direct driver for a person of 90kg
My build is with a neugart 5:1 with a ss56104 and i have seal and coupler issues alot and am looking for a direct drive solution

so what do you think the best

If I was going to take a chance on a direct drive motor, I would try this one: This product is no longer available.

There may be someone else that has ordered one on the forum, but I’m not sure.

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maybe i will order one from reacher tech but iam not sure about the kv of the motor
80kv is a lot of nm but maybe slower highspeed
so iam thinking the 100kv or 120kv would be ok for direct drive with an 130mm prop.
what would you think, witch kv should be working good?

Give me a few days and I can tell which KV will work well…

Still waiting for the motor to turn up but do any of you no if 36v would be enough power for this

No, I’d power it on a minimum of 12S (max 14S).

I think 14s would be better then 12s
so the motor with 80kv and 14s Batterie should have 4600rpm (its like the 500kv motor with 5:1gearbox on 12s)
jezza what motor do you use?

It’s here will let you no how testing goes


We blew up one of those motors. The thread is pipe thread when you you try to attach

Would you have some pictures ? Does “blew up” also mean it has a lot of untamed power ?
Did you totally give up or have you found a few tricks to avoid the same thing happens again ?.