Fr 2019 motor system


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Moving closer to the hub of a boat prop I see…

Hey FR, have you measured the efficiency gain of this added saucer creating a adhoc vacuum bubble behind the boss ? Say at 20, 30 and 40 kmh what are the amps drawn without and with this detail ?

its almost same BUT its feelll so smoth… 0 NOISE / 0 VIBRATION / 0 CAVITATION


I am wondering about the dimensions of the front of the prop.
I would like to start designing the hub that sits between the prop and motor. Can you give any dimensions to help?

Check Here

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52mm on mine for the front

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THE NEW PROP ITS 54mm on HUB :hugs:

I recall you saying it was 150mm diameter. Is that still correct?


Fly FAST :surfing_man:‍♂ …


Drew up a duct and hub for those who buy this FR prop. this is for the Reachertech 65161.
Not sure how to upload STLs so just PM and Ill send the STL.

duct2 hubphoto


This ring, could be designed as “pre swirls stator” Can add efficency to our drives.


Great info ! bookmarked :blush:

Nice catch ! 18 months before the above video about how to save energy with a controllable pitch propellers (CPP), they released this one about 5 different ways to save energy with fixed pitch propellers (FPP)… our current need …

See also:

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Looks great!! You can upload to autodesk cloud or share in google drive

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:hugs: nice… fly high and save…

And now only need without safety gourd only mittle cone for racing :heart_eyes:

ha, yep did that one too. :grinning:



Yea… Lets RACE begin :hugs:

Does it make a big difference when the prop guard is taken off ?
Let’s say like + 5km/h with the same amp ?