Fr 2019 motor system

What’s flyway ? I saw it on your Instagram post but couldn’t find any information on it ?

I mean I’ve found some Kite school but I doubt this is what you mean…

Something NEW in world… i will rewiew in spring or leattly in spring…


Alright, keep us posted and good luck then !

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I’ll take one! Send me the invoice :+1::crazy_face:

It sounds new and exciting! Good luck.

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At least it will be a water fun toy that more people like to use… not only surfers :sweat_smile:

Hello my Freunds :slight_smile:

im gona hellp you all FLIPSKY users :slight_smile:

we ar colecting orders for this PROPS if its gona be more then 10 buyers i will do special prise for you my frends only 129€ + VAT + SHIPPING:)!


Im so f€@&£eng in!!! I WANT ONE IMMEDIATLY



i take one! Is it for threaded shaft? Do you want us to order via pm?


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yea… THREDED :star_struck:

how many ppl are missing for 10 order? I need it asap :slight_smile:

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I am in, definitely :clap:

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I’ll take one too…

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How can i pay? Toll when do i need to order?


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@MaxMaker this guy is selling very good efoil props! Can you test the thrust ratio on this one please. I would be thrilled what the thrust and amp reading is compared to your custom one and the aluminium one.:heart::heart:

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Great news. One for me too!

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I’ll take one too David. Not for Flipsky motor but no problem. Will make my shaft fit the prop.
Guys can you confirm this is 10mm shaft like on the drawings ?

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If it fits the flipsky 65161. I’m in. how do I order?

I don’t even own a Flipsky motor but I’m in too! lol… send me an invoice! -Tyler

Hi David
I want one too - what’s next :question:

I will take one too