FR propeller on Flipsky 65161 12mm threaded shaft

Will an FR prop made for the FR motor fit a Flipsky 65161 threaded motor without modification? If not, what needs to be done to get it fit?

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Here are the measurements and explanation of how to do it.

Here is pictures.of the finished product. A folding prop mounted on the 65161 motor.

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You will need to drill out the center to fit the motor shaft. Then carefully mill out the top center to allow the prop nut to fit. I used a drill press with a XY vise. I didn’t come out perfect, but it worked. Make sure to go slow, because you will start to cut through where the screw that holds the prop blades on. Just take off a little at a time and then test fit it. I hope this helps. :call_me_hand:


Thanks, guys. Does anyone use aircraft safety wire or cotter pins to hold their prop nuts?

Just a Nyloc nut, didn‘t get loose so far. It also depends on the rotation direction.

The Stainless Nut has some rust. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I used loctite to secure it to the shaft. I had to grind the nut down a little, so there was clearance for the props to fold. I was going to use the locking nut with nylon, but it melted from the grinding.

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How do you like the combo of the folding prop and flipsky motor?

Also, did you tighten the nut by twisting the prop, or do you possess the most thin-walled socket in the world?

The prop/motor combo seems to work well. I have not tried the fixed prop though.

I just used pliers to secure the nut in place along with loctite. If I have to ever remove the prop, it will take some work to get nut off.

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